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A bit of a hold up

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Greetings, folks.


We've a bit of a delay with the tables from the first game of the season. Someone has entered a prediction, but there is no evidence that they've paid. It may have gone astray or they may have just entered a prediction for a giggle. If they have joined, all the data will need to be tweaked, so I can't post anything yet.


Whilst we are waiting, can I please remind you all of a couple of the rules? 

Players must predict the half-time score; the full-time score; first Latics goalscorer and the match attendance.
e.g. Forest Green 0-1 Latics (HT 0-0) - Vera - 3,331
Please keep the predictions in this format - it makes Bristolatic's life a lot easier when working on the league tables.

Nor can players predict a half-time score which does not align with the full time score (e.g. Latics to be 1-0 up at half-time and Latics to lose 1-0). Each full prediction should be fully-formed and be a possible outcome of the match. Any predictions submitted which are contrary to this rule will be discounted.


Someone has already fallen foul of the half time and full time scores being an impossible scenario, and therefore scores no points at all for their prediction.


A few have not predicted a half time score and, whilst that does not prevent them scoring points in other areas, it could potentially have lost them 2 points.


I do pop into the threads now and again and will, where possible, PM anyone that I see has got things wrong, but please check when posting that it is a full, correct and valid prediction.


It will most likely be tomorrow before I can post the first tables, so please bear with me.


Aye thang yow





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