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  1. Well I'm behind the protestors in spirit but I won't be making a ten hour round trip to prove it.
  2. It's almost as if the rules are randomly thought of.....
  3. i bet he regrets that decision/ Can't imagine he's signed here for more money
  4. He'll have to be the second coming of Bobby Moore to turn this round. Penny for his thoughts watching this disaster from the stand....
  5. If I had the inclination I'd look at the injury records of them all. I suspect it's grim which is why they are here.
  6. Any creditor can apply to have the club placed in the hands of administrators if there is a position of default on obligations. It's then up to a court.
  7. I read that as it will be in place at least until then
  8. maybe so but input with minimal choice isn't much input
  9. Are you serious? i don't think anyine has forgotten that Wild/Bunn/Scholes etc didn't have free rein. Curle's hands have been equally tied by the embargo which makes building a competitive squad definitively impossible.
  10. It is not a decision he is in full control of
  11. The bump is a serious possibility to me. If we go into admin we have no assets to sell to keep us going (unless it could be engineered to happen at the start of the transfer window and we could sell Bahamboula - but we clearly wouldn't get a decent price for a player in the last year of his contract being sold in desperation). The administrator could not string things along unless someone was willing to fund it until a buyer is found. That could realistically only be a buyer ready to stump up in advance of a purchase or Blitz. Interesting point as to whether the embargo would apply if we were in NL - but in the absence of an owner willing to spend that kay be irrelevant anyway
  12. In all honesty I see planning trips to NL grounds as being very optimistic
  13. Under this regime it seems unlikely that the embargo will be needed for its full term
  14. We don't often pay off their contracts....
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