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Striker stats - 9 games in

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Scott Wilson - 6 games - 0 goals - 333 minutes – Games started 4

Urko Vera - 4 games - 1 goal - 122 minutes – Games started 2

Segbe Azankpo - 8 games - 0 goals - 513 minutes – Games started 4


The only game we won. Vera started. Why isn’t he being given a chance? He started at Cambridge we won. Since then he has not had the chance to start up front. Very baffling tactics and selection issues.


To note he's the only striker to have scored as well, despite playing significantly less minutes.


Yes I know most of you think he's garbage but it's getting to a point now where it's a serious issue and our league survival is being impacted by the strangest of selections. 

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