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I've held off moving to Opera as my choice of browser for a long time, but I'm using it now after nothing but problems with FF.2.x.x.x compatibility problems with .php boards! Firefox 1.6 was ace, but 2.x seems buggy as hell - might be me, I dunno...


So far so good anyroad with Opera, any bugs and I'll report back.

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I've used opera for about 5 years as my backup browser.


It's always been excellent for security etc. and I've long thought of moving it up to my Main one.


It's also got some excellent features in the newer versions. Very intuitive etc.


If it wasn't for the fact that it took me 3 months to get the Mrs to stop using IE (to the extent that I went about deleting all the icons to it I could find) then I'd have gone for it now... but that's another 3 months of moaning I'm not yet ready for! :lol:


I await the review with baited breath!

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I like opera - but it doesn't have the web support that the main two have. I can't use googledocs with opera - certain web-based email accounts don't work properly, and so-on...


When it gets the support similar to Firefox, I'll move over - until then I've rolled Firefox back to 1.5.


Much better.

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