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  1. Yep he’s also the one that (apparently) decided on the insulting £40 refund for 20/21 ST holders and more disgusting is that the fans so called champions “trust” agree with him ???
  2. Come on , when Karl Evans first came to the club he talked about improving fan engagement and building bridges , and to an extent he tried to do that through his twitter account , but clearly didn’t like criticism or a difference of opinions and soon through his toys out of the pram and blocked people who challenged him
  3. Is is just me or do the trust bring a whole new meaning to the term silent partner !!!!
  4. Let’s be honest here , we all thought that Karl was a breath of fresh air , until he threw his toys out of the pram and going all birkett, blocking everyone that disagreed with his (superior) opinion and thinking that £40 is an acceptable refund for 20/21 season ticket holders... if he goes then good riddance!
  5. To be honest I wouldn’t support this shower of shite if they paid, bought a 20/21 season ticket in good faith & got ripped off - never again
  6. Here’s a novel idea, reply to emails from your @@@@@@@ members , no wonder you’re down to less than 100 , if that’s how you treat them all
  7. That maybe so, but them that raises two questions, 1. If he enjoys the lifestyle so much , why has he swapped guaranteed sunshine to manage at ice station zebra . 2. Successful (“ really good”) coaches tend to be retained by clubs, so there is a reason as to why he’s has 15 clubs in as many years . could it me he’s not.very good
  8. Do you really believe that a two well respected coaches with a good knowledge and connection throughout the premier league academy network would have chosen to drag players out of retirement had they been given the budget ????
  9. That’s because the managers haven’t been to sign who they want and Curly and Moe (now joined by Larry (aka Owen)) are fucking our club up
  10. And there’s s reason why he’s managed clubs in the back of beyond ... could be because he a tactical genius like Ferguson or Mourinho , or a world class coach like Guardiola or Klopp ... or could it be because he’s shit
  11. The protest in my eyes is simple , but has a few different options all the home fans attend the Mansfield game dressed as clown or the trust purchase some blow up clowns and we wave them at Abdullah att the Mansfield game
  12. As if Wild would actually say yes Andallah and Mo pick the team , I’m sure if he did , he’d be claim job seekers pretty quickly and Wellens indicated that Abdallah interfered in team affairs , so who is lying ?
  13. Excellent an in-depth interview from the owner , I know understand the turmoil that has been surrounding the club for the past 18 months !!
  14. The problem is Abdallah’s interviews are rarer than rocking horse sxxt outside Buckingham palace, and in the only interview that I’m aware of all he said was slowly slowly . Too many people have now commented on AL’s interference in team affairs , (wellens, davies , byrne , mceleney, gerrard to name but a few) for it not to be a factor. It’s also clear that confidentiality clause or gagging orders must be in place for all of these to remain silent.
  15. I’m sure that Scholes took the easy route when, when everything didn’t go to plan, but AL clearly gave him the ammunition to enable him to quit. If it’s true what the Daily Mirror is reporting -12 of current squad offered new contracts- the im sorry , but we’re fxxked and will be closer to relegation than promotion !
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