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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dylan_Bahamboula
  2. Two really good weekly podcasts are happening at the moment for those of you who weren't aware... or here for those of you without Spotify https://t.co/DfWHwYbKm4?amp=1 Then this one which has the PTB lads on each week Surely the club should be doing something similar every week in this day & age with an existing or old player/member of staff on.....?
  3. A scrappy win (unlikely as that is) could be the worst thing that happens here. If we get beat again Kewell might get to sign/get given some better players, or at least some more players. Or ALMO might get a better manager. I hesitate to write him off so early but it doesn't look good does it? And those post match interviews A good, confidence boosting win on the other hand could indicate that Kewell isn't as bad as many already fear and nor are the players... Am I clutching at straws.....?
  4. Between 3 and 5pm most Saturdays....?
  5. Stevenage 0-2 Oldham (HT 0-1) Rowe Surely these are even worse than us?
  6. Anyone remember how much Bovis paid for their deal?
  7. Originally Oldham basedand Oldham based, and supporting, owner and staff.
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