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  1. Surely one or two people spending a few hours posting them out will take up less time than having to sit at the ticket office window serving one person at a time, many of whom will be members of the "how many have we sold?" brigade wanting a quick chat aswell....?
  2. Help - no idea...... Would I be right that Newport at 17/10 look the bet of the century?
  3. Sign an experienced spine or a combination of experience or quality season long loanees and play the shite that's still on the books around them and we can go up. Preferably with one manager all season. I'm ambivalent about Curle - he'd do. New GK Adams/ a new FB/ Fage Jameson/Piergianni New decent CB CBJ/Fage Keillor Dunn/Adams Whelan New decent CM Bahamboula New decent biggish striker Dearnley if fit, another McAleny, another DKD, DKD himself play Bahamboula there..... Vaughan and Williams to feature and maybe kick on.... Any side with four 30+ year olds in the mould of McCann/Peter Clarke right through the middle of the team would always be there or thereabouts in this division
  4. Curle/Mo went even more lightweight in midfield though playing Whelan most weeks rather than Ntambwe or, dare I say it, Garrity..... Not been on here for a long while - has somebody already done Lemmy, Curley & Moe ?
  5. "“Playing this way I don’t think somebody will be able to stop us.” I know somebody who will...
  6. Two central midfielders, at least one of them experienced in the McCann mould. Another striker never hurts. Keep Bahamboula. Replace Wheater with an experienced man but preferably a slightly younger, more mobile one.....
  7. Two really good weekly podcasts are happening at the moment for those of you who weren't aware... or here for those of you without Spotify https://t.co/DfWHwYbKm4?amp=1 Then this one which has the PTB lads on each week Surely the club should be doing something similar every week in this day & age with an existing or old player/member of staff on.....?
  8. A scrappy win (unlikely as that is) could be the worst thing that happens here. If we get beat again Kewell might get to sign/get given some better players, or at least some more players. Or ALMO might get a better manager. I hesitate to write him off so early but it doesn't look good does it? And those post match interviews A good, confidence boosting win on the other hand could indicate that Kewell isn't as bad as many already fear and nor are the players... Am I clutching at straws.....?
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