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  1. Stevenage 0-2 Oldham (HT 0-1) Rowe Surely these are even worse than us?
  2. Anyone remember how much Bovis paid for their deal?
  3. Originally Oldham basedand Oldham based, and supporting, owner and staff.
  4. It's a bit shit that. Can't see me bothering without the "bantz"
  5. Is there not going to be a thread for peoples predictions? I like to see what others have gone with plus I've already forgotten mine from a few minutes ago....
  6. Will all the predictions go in a thread? I did mine a few minutes ago and have already forgot what it was
  7. I took it as him having been there in person. He's working so it's probably "allowed"
  8. There was talk of Kewell having watched Carlisle and having set us up accordingly... If true, and he's a master tactician, we might see a slightly different line up most matches...
  9. Hopefully Rowe or Dearnley back in but, then again, if it ain't broke.....
  10. McCann a No. 10???? MacAleny is a number 10 isn't he? Rowe to an extent with how he drops deep. I think Grant is supposed to be that type too. McCann was a No. 4 or 8 in my eyes....
  11. There's a lot of wood that could die very quickly there....
  12. A lot are saying they think we've got a decent squad and/or it's certainly better than last seasons.... I'm not so sure.. Ian Lawlor (season loan from Doncaster Rovers) - can't be worse than Zeus/Woods was but not exactly nailed on to be good Gary Woods (2021) - see above Jordan Barnett (January 2021) - looks like a body for the sake of a body Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (2021) - could be anything, including absolute dogshit Tom Hamer (2022) - probably off. One of them where he'll kick on if he does leave but will remain below par like last season
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