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  1. To be fair, it felt a lot that Stevenage was more of a case of the EFL being determined to get rid of Macclesfield. The fact that Grimsby and Southend have gone off begging themselves is pathetic.
  2. Not sure what Bilboe has done wrong, other than one punch he came for and missed which didn't even lead to a goal. Certainly fewer critical mistakes than our current goalkeeper, and could take a better goal kick
  3. As long as Walker is at the club, that's harsh
  4. Just a shame they've got Crawley next week. If they had a playoff chasing team, I reckon Morecambe would nick it.
  5. Awful performance, but if it means we see the back of Garrity and Walker and a couple of decent first choice defenders brought in for next season, I'll take it.
  6. Can't believe how much he gets defended on here, 10 games in and he's been Sunday league level in half of them. We can't expect anything next season if he's throwing away 9 points in every 30. Lawlor punches a ball from a corner and half in here want to drop him. Crazy.
  7. I think we sometimes don't value players enough who can get through a season without injuries It's a lot easier to score 17 goals if you play 40 games than if you play 10. Dearnley is a talent, but it's only useful to us if he can play. Hopefully we'll get more out of him next season, now we aren't rushing him back early from injury like last time.
  8. Thrown one in his net, twice been at fault for goals in games we've lost by one goal and been injured. All in a short spell. He's a disaster.
  9. Yep, longest serving by four months over Dearnley. 54 appearances for us already. Let's just hope Curle can bring him on defensively.
  10. They've finally picked a manager with a CV that matches the division, and the initial results have been ok overall (given the squad) and seem to be improving. Stick, and give him chance to bring in players he wants, particularly at the back.
  11. His big issue is that he didn't wave his arms enough and celebrate enthusiastically enough to keep certain fans happy. Nothing wrong with his contribution or attitude. He was dropping back trying to make things happen when other players had let their heads drop.
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