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  1. His final ball was terrible, but if he's fit then I'd give him a chance over Keillor-Dunn
  2. If he's an upgrade on Jameson and Diarra, then that's very good news
  3. I agree that Kewell wasn't going to get us anywhere near the playoffs, but 16th is a lot better for our long term future than 24th. Curle needs to throw a bit more caution to the wind, particularly against our fellow strugglers, if we are going to reach safety.
  4. Win one, lose one = 3 points Two draws = 2 points 1.5 points a game is playoff form, 1 point a game is relegation form. You need to go for wins, even if sometimes it backfires.
  5. Most goals conceded in their league by a country mile. He's consistent, you have to give him that.
  6. Hartlepool are the second worst team we've played this season (after Sutton). We need three points against these sorts of teams at home if we've any chance of staying up. Hope is just a brake on our attacks. We are creating opportunities, but whenever the ball goes his way everything grinds to a halt. Keillor-Dunn needs dropping as soon as there is anybody fit enough to start, he's woeful.
  7. Bad sign if players like Adams are getting injured, he's played most matches for the last ten years
  8. Tasdemir and Gavin Gunning both scored in that match, maybe we should bring both of them back here
  9. Might have helped if he'd got some of those points at BP rather than on the road The funny thing is that the fans react similar to two draws as winning one then losing one Doing the first over a season is relegation form, the second is almost playoff form
  10. Last season you needed 1.72 to get automatic, 1.57 to get in the playoffs, 0.98 to stay up
  11. Other countries have realised that it's worth it to make their leagues more sustainable, so I'm hopeful England makes the transition. However, in most cases those countries only brought in stricter rules after spates of bankruptcies. At the moment, we'd more likely be one of those clubs than not.
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