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  1. I wish it were the clubs with the deepest pockets. Instead it will be the likes of Bolton who spend way beyond their means, effectively borrowing money off local businesses, services and taxpayers.
  2. I wouldn't say they outmuscled us, more that they were much quicker closing us down in numbers. Certainly wanted it more.
  3. Doubt it will be the biggest pissboil, but still
  4. Reminder that Barrow are only outside the drop zone on goal difference
  5. Tasdemir and Bahamboula off for Barnes and Blackwood. Whelan on for Hilssner.
  6. I'll be impressed if Barrow can keep up this intensity and pressing for 90 minutes, but if they do we'll be lucky to get a point here
  7. Not Jameson's fault that Luke James is destroying Clarke for pace
  8. Defence is channeling the spirit of Jombati in his absence
  9. I'd stick with him. If nothing else, we're playing some of the most entertaining football of the last few years. Up front we now seem to have a bit of structure and a plan of how to play. There are massive issues at the back, mainly down to lack of talent but also some of his misjudgement (Jombati at CB, too much rotation). But if he gets on top of that we should move up the table. We've been held back by late recruitment in the last few summers, so hopefully he can start work on reinforcing the defence as soon as possible.
  10. Sutton United now 4 points behind top spot with three games in hand, Dean Bouzanis in net for them
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