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  1. He left Macclesfield for "personal reasons". Given it was Macc, money might have been the main issue - particularly if he had appearance bonuses.
  2. I wouldn't go that far But he was a regular in the same Belgium U21 side as Batshuayi, Thorgan Hazard, Praet, Tielemans, Carrasco... Like Wheater, you don't end up playing with players like that if you don't have some basic skills. As you said, not just a random fifth division reject.
  3. It might be that obstruction seems to have disappeared from the game. It's now skill to shield a ball out that's 2m away from you, when it was a free kick until the 80s. It'd be good to see it brought back in to give a bit more chance for balls over the top.
  4. When was the last time we had someone balding in the team? Probably Ritchie!
  5. That is usually when they put the second or third marker on him
  6. Dead balls are an example of Pawel's law, are they?
  7. 0-1 Exeter Simple cross in, two unmarked in the area. Defensive shambles.
  8. Garrity, Keillor-Dunn, Blackwood Midfield is going to get steamrollered again Hope Clarke isn't out for too long
  9. This is revisionist history Crewe, Crawley and Exeter were are all one-sided defeats where we got played off the pitch, all in the last six league matches under Maamria. The owners might be trigger happy, Maamria might be better than Darren Kelly - but he was still an awful manager.
  10. A team can carry the odd player who's not up to scratch or having an off day But it's half our starting eleven Garrity put in one of the worst performances I've ever seen and still didn't get subbed Blackwood can happily go back to Australia permanently, and Hamer will still be out of his depth if we get relegated to the National League North. Positives: Jameson had his best game for us, and Clarke did his best to cover two positions. Bahamboula and Ntambwe were ok in the first half but faded later. CBJ managed to get a few balls into the box to
  11. Pretty much the only player of ours to regularly win a tackle and find a blue shirt through the whole match Regularly got back to cover for local hero Hamer too, ran himself into the ground
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