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  1. By the way, credit to Da Silva when he came on. He hassled their tiring defenders into a couple of mistakes we should've taken advantage of.
  2. With McAleny playing, we probably win that match. Midfield wasn't great today but they still created enough. There's just nobody to finish the chances.
  3. He was played out of position today, but Hope is one of the worst football players ever to wear the shirt. Plays with his head down, terrible decision maker (the 3 v 3 he destroyed single handedly was cringe worthy), can't pass, can't beat a man, and a worse strike rate than Urko Vera. And it's not lack of service. The number of times he has been played in this season, and he hasn't got to a single ball. Just no pace or anticipation. I'd rather see Fage start up front than Hope. Or Danielewicz. Or Curle. Anyone.
  4. At the moment I think Vaughan is best played in the middle running at the defence. Not convinced winger or wing back are right for him just yet.
  5. Lewis Alessandra leading the line for them, Rod McDonald at the back.
  6. Hardly any risk of paying out a win bonus when either of them are playing
  7. Bahamboula can walk quicker than Dearnley can run these days. Shez was our best player when he could barely even walk. What matters is being in the right place at the right time, and he's doing better at that than most.
  8. Even though Diarra and Jamieson have their limitations, I think they should be our backup plan and not Sutton. From what I've seen I'm not convinced he's ready yet.
  9. At least with Bettache, he's positive when he comes on - he gets in space, asks for the ball and then tries to play it forward. Anyone saying he's not getting involved is talking bollocks and lumping him in with another player in a different position just because he is on loan is just lazy. I'd rather see Bettache in Keillor-Dunn's role and with Keillor-Dunn playing where Hope is. Hope can make sandwiches or wave his arms and shout from the bench for those who are impressed with that sort of thing.
  10. Think that's unfair on Bettache. There's a player there, but he's more suited to the sort of role Keillor-Dunn is playing. He's just not what we need right now. Bowden however is like McCalmont early last season. You can't play that position as a starter and expect everyone to do the dirty work for you.
  11. Curle has to take some responsibility for that. We are short at the back, but putting Hope on the wing for Sheehan was an awful decision, and taking Dearnley off didn't work at all.
  12. The formation is really unbalanced after replacing Sheehan with Hope. Stobbs is not a defender and never will be, Whelan and Bowden aren't tracking back, and Hope just collects the ball out wide and passes it to Walsall. Walsall are crap, but Miller is constantly a threat.
  13. 0-2 much worse goal We had about seven in the box stood watching them pass it about, awful defending
  14. Looked to me that Leutwiler was caught and knocked off balance. We've just missed a gilt edged chance to equalise
  15. Joyce sent off Ant Gerrard in the tunnel at half time against Chesterfield as well. Still won though
  16. He played for Mansfield when they thumped us 6-1. He also got hauled off at half time for Newport when we beat them 5-0. Always seem to be plenty of goals either way.
  17. At a normal club, missing a payment would definitely mean the money isn't there. But with us, it could just be someone not filling in the right form at the right time. Just look at the 2 year contract cock up. It's depressing either way.
  18. He wants his money back. No chance of that if we go down. Our best chance for new owners is if we go up. However unlikely that is.
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