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  1. Spoken to Barry who is a friend of Paul Murray who had phoned Barry and his first words were i've been sacked this morning. Present at the meeting were Keith Curle and Mo Lemsagam, no real reason given. Paul Butler left a while ago and I believe he is joining Barnet.
  2. So in effect taking over the trust or working alongside the current board as I thought they had been elected for a minimum period of 2 years last year?
  3. Good to see this Matt. However, can i ask a couple of questions, what is happening at the next AGM that we can vote on to make a significant difference? Are any of the PTB lad putting themselves forward to join the trust board. I'm already a member of the trust and have been for years but I've never able to influence anything they do. Trust rules prevent them from being active on social media with fans without having first gained approval from the board. As a result everything happens too slowly. I've asked several times for an update regarding the latest club update from the board meeting (2 weeks ago today) still not heard anything. If i tweeted ptb i'm sure i'd have had a answer.
  4. Spot on this. We all accept the Trust have limitations because of the shareholding and are somewhat held back by red tape in many respects however tomorrow is 2 weeks since the clubs board of directors put out a statement with more than one untruth and also failed to acknowledge the petition. The rep was part of the meeting, several have asked whether he signed off on the update, brought up the petition himself in the meeting or was just ignored by the rest of the board. Its important for the fan base to know exactly what happened and I think 2 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to provide a short update
  5. I'd argue it is. I accept that the way the club has been run has resulted in us being in this division but had they run the club exactly the same way and somehow we had ended up pushing for promotion at the right end of league 1 i'd bet my last pound everyone would have ignored everything else and been packing out BP as we surged towards the Championship.
  6. You mean to say they are bullshitting?!? Maybe i'll go back to having a lie in tomorrow and get up at 4am instead.
  7. I wish the new guy all the very best but given the current situation we could employ Jordan Belfort and I think he would be on a hiding to nothing.
  8. Sarcasm doesn't appear to be your strong point. You've missed the point, ask them why they aren't at least 1 division higher than this shite division we find ourselves in and is the reason why most fans want the current owner out.
  9. It was advertised on the club site as well as LinkedIn. I doubt 100 applicants although with the pandemic there are probably lots of sales people who might be out of work. What the quality of applicants was like God knows, I can't see anyone in football moving from a EFL club to us right now.
  10. Sounds very commendable however, how long will it take to be in position to buy the ground/club and then have enough funds to actually run the club? Without some major backers it's a pipedream imo. Nearly all the clubs that are fan owned have some very wealthy backers. Maybe you can attract them but if you can't it's not going to happen. With the money raised by the fans we would never have enough to operate at a higher level than perhaps National League North. In fact, when people quote Newport and Exeter as well run fan owned clubs I have to check how many divisions higher are they up in the pyramid than us. Football is an expensive hobby for the wealthy, you just have to hope you drop on one that's got decent morals and is doing for the good of the club and the community. We've not done that yet but I still think there are people out there that might take a punt on us with good intentions and that's why the pressure needs to be on so the current owner might just cut his losses and sell. Failing that, when we drop out of the league you might get your fan owned club but as i said, it will be a level much lower than we are currently at.
  11. Why are all signings subject to efl approval never seen that before for British based players? Is it related to efl loans? Anyone know?
  12. It's 11 days now since the club put out that horrific statement signed by the board of Directors (which includes the Trust Rep). Have we any news from Paul whether he signed this off or was just ignored by the club. I think people would like an update by now.
  13. After today’s debacle, perhaps fans will now recount the failures to date with our CEO. His list of failures continue to grow. 1. A promise to build bridges with the fans and now the PTB have told him not to engage because he was saying nothing. 2. An arrogant stance with the club badge where the only designs available for fans to vote were the three that he had chosen. 3. We are well beyond his deadline date of 30 April when he stated he would have negotiated the return of fans into the North Stand. 4. A disastrous season ticket fire sale which any experienced CEO would never have launched in the current circumstances at the club. 5. A spending spree on ground and club improvements when the club is having to borrow money from the EFL. 6. Steve Dale’s statements at Bury a very similar tone to today's statement. Who has been responsible for writing these statements. In an already fragile situation who threatens legal action against a minority of fans, whilst failing to acknowledge the petition. Who tries to con the fan base about season ticket sales. I challenge the club to print a breakdown of those sales and what was the total number of full paying season ticket holder. How the Directors have signed that off, including the Trust, is unbelievable.
  14. In the update it states they welcomed the new board so i'm presuming he was either there in person or he was there virtually, but either way he was present
  15. off topic but if you don't have the relevant qualifications can you still call yourself an accountant?
  16. At this stage it's in the hands of the official auditors of the council and the serious fraud office in London.
  17. That's your opinion Neil, the documents I have seen convince me it's worth further investigation so we will see if the next few months what the relevant authorities say.
  18. I agree! But Brassbank still have massive hold over the future of the club as nobody in their right mind would buy the club in it's current state. We, the supporters have lost out and I don't understand the reluctance of some fans to question what has gone on. We need to get to the bottom of all these transactions once and for all and if everything is above board fair enough, it is what it is and we try and move on. But let's put it to bed once and for all.
  19. So you saw the document that showed Lancaster Club (oldham) purchased the land from BAE? So I would presume that Blitz has never had anything to do with Lancaster Club (oldham)?
  20. With all due respect, if he told me it was Thursday today, i'd check my calendar!
  21. Sorry, wasn't suggesting you could or should. It was just an observation about the article really. What is clear, all communication from the time suggest it was the councils intention that the club should be the beneficiary of the new stand.
  22. All quite accurate that article to be fair except the bit about what the purchase of the Lancaster Club was as it was absolutely nowhere near £5 million. In fact if my sources are correct, it was nowhere near 7 figures at all.
  23. Perfectly legal and entitled to do given he was putting funds into the club. You'd have thought they might have done some research before making a massive announcement.
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