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  1. Some interesting points, be interesting to see if the OEC take up the offer to come back with their take on why the stand is currently closed. If it is about tickets being shown, why would the OEC not comply if it meant the stand could be opened? I think what is clear, we need an owner who has the willingness/funds to buy the club and the ground or we will die eventually.
  2. Not saying we should get rid of Curle even it was the clubs choice rather than Curles but I don't understand everyone saying we have improved under him. He took over a side in 16th who had 2 games in hand at the time on teams above us, now we are 18th. We haven't improved one bit, in fact i'd say we have gone backwards but we all know the manager isn't the real problem here.
  3. It's not all it's cracked up to be in all honesty, i ended up with a bad back.
  4. I'd prefer Abdallah to agree a sale, a new buyer to also purchase the whole ground or at the very least negotiate a long term lease which gave the club the ability to run the whole stadium 7 days a week and generate an income from the NS and then we could possibly get out of this league the right way rather than through the trapdoor
  5. There was bailouts which the club received 2 separate payments i know of and then there has been loans albeit interest free which must be repaid.
  6. Oh the loans certainly are when it comes out of next season's solidarity payments, it's robbing Peter to pay Paul, at some point there will be a shortfall
  7. Let's be honest here, PTB have asked the questions, there isn't much more they can do. For the first 4 months he blamed everything on it being before his time. With regard to the sponsors etc. he probably didn't want to answer as it would be embarrassing for himself when the FA are investigating him for his actions which led to the sponsors walking away.
  8. Not sure about that. I'm pretty certain the land would be worth a lot more without a football club but that really isn't the point and i don't think for one minute the club will go under. We would be rescued out of admin by interested parties but the repercussions of minus 12 points could be dreadful if it means us losing our place in the EFL
  9. You are forgetting the club has received at least 2 bail out payments from the EFL during the season which were more than the revenue of this disastrous season ticket promotion. In addition the club has taken use of the EFL loan scheme. Unfortunately the loans are repayable and will be taken out of next seasons solidarity payments and of course you can't buy players whilst taking loans. Next season, with fans back there will be no bailouts. Make no mistake, Covid has meant Abdallah hasn't had to fund the club this season.
  10. Oh i wouldn't say he's done fuck all, he's driven sponsors out of the club, told 2 different stories to 2 separate fans groups on the same issue, lost the head groundsman and failed to replace him, come up with a unsustainable season ticket offer, come up with a badge design nobody really wanted and observed that Morecambe who are in 4th place don't have players as good as ours who are languishing in 16th. Still, he's told a few stories about Man United and said at least we aren't Bury!
  11. Pretty obvious really that the offer was not sustainable unless we sold in excess of 3,000 - 3,500 ST's. Given the club have loaded up with EFL loans and that means a transfer embargo until repaid and they will be taken from future solidarity payments it's certainly a bleak short term future. We will have to sell Bhamboula (only saleable asset really) for a decent amount just to get us to next season, i'm certainly in no rush to purchase a ticket right now.
  12. I don't believe for 1 minute 1654 people are happy to advance funding to support the regime when we actually analyse the facts. People on Twitter have sussed out that they are attempting to con our fan base with season ticket figures that are a complete disaster. You could almost believe the CEO's job rested on the success of the scheme which is doomed. That's sad because it has always been known that the loyal fan base would stand by the club at average prices around £270. Somehow, somebody believed that big reductions would swell the sales which has not happened. Thi
  13. They are not loans from the government they are loans from the efl which are in addition to the money the club got as part of the bailout that all clubs got. Has KE really said the club hasn't taken the loans from the efl?? Interesting but not surprising
  14. It was last game of the season unless we count the play-off games v Leeds where he scored our 2nd in the home leg
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