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  1. Hence the proposed move to Failsworth. Maybe another location might be in the offing?
  2. Possibly, for my liking his timing in the air isn't very good for a centre back.
  3. Funny how many say 442 is an outdated formation, yet it changed things for us.
  4. Tactical I expect, maybe HK has had enough of his slow starts to games like the last 2 matches ehere he's hardly touched the ball in the first half and will use him as an impact sub?
  5. Think Diarra in midfield is the one who could win the ball. Not sure why HK hasnt used him there considering the weakness in that area.
  6. We just love an old fashioned centre half don't we?
  7. I will, remembering the great days of big Joe rather than worshiping the modern trends. I keep saying it's a simple game made complicated by too much overthinking. Even HK had to go back to the old style 442 in the 2nd half..and guess what, it paid off.
  8. Subs did well, Blackwood and Grant up front added some physicality as did Pidge and Jamieson at the back. It was right to take McAleny off as he is so slow getting into games. I can see him being sub against Bolton. Nice cameo from Fage, injected some much needed pace.
  9. Blackwood and Piergianni have made a difference. It's a funny old game.
  10. Diarra is painfully slow as he showed with the booking, a walking red card. Bahamboula half hearted as are McAleny and Grant, but agree about Clarke he's going progressively worse. The one that needs hauling off for me is McCalmont who hasnt done a tap like in the last game.
  11. Mo obviously calls the shots so will probably be given a free transfer.
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