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  1. Just listened to the interview from Curle, no mention of his players not competing for the ball in the first half which was the crux of the problem. Why didnt the interviewer ask him why he insists on the 3 centre backs system when he only had 1 available?
  2. He won't be near any opposition player to be outmusled is one way of looking at it.
  3. Any Carlisle scout watching Latics will pass on instructions just to outmuscle our weakling players for a certain win.
  4. I've watched Bettache closely and noticed he won't put on a challenge in. No matter how he looks off the ball he's not what's needed in our situation. Little Harry Vaughan showed more heart than the 2 loanees put together.
  5. In some ways his hands are tied behind his back, the performance was dire, but AL's embargo has left him with an impossible situation.
  6. They appear to show no desire to play for us. You can't coast though games at this level like in under 21 leagues. I'd be sending them back if allowed to do so and bring in those who show some passion like Harry Clarke.
  7. The real culprit in all this is AL in landing us with an embargo.
  8. And Jamieson and Diarra seem to have totally disappeared. Not that they are the answer.
  9. Bowden shied away from anything physical, not what you need in our situation. Along with Bettache 2 loanees not up for a battle.
  10. I thought we'd seen some dysfunctional teams from Kewell but Curle topped that tonight.
  11. Reminds me of the old Charles Atlas advert, musclemen kicking sand in the faces of 7 stone weaklings.
  12. The hoardings are brighter than the floodlights, far too dazzling.
  13. He should be given a medal for the great work he's done with the pitch, but I guess at this club no one will even see him leave through the doors.
  14. So we cant sign any players at all. What a shambles. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/sport/football/19654998.oldham-athletic-placed-stricter-embargo-breaching-efl-rules/
  15. Are ifollow viewers counted toward the attendance?
  16. Yes, I've seen a lot of talented players not go higher, there was a player called Jody Banim at Droylsden who had silky skills with ball control rarely seen outside the premiership and scored goals for fun, but for some reason apart from a brief spell at a couple of FL clubs spent most of his career at Northern Premier League level.
  17. A very good player and just the type we could do with now. It's quite remarkable he spent 5 years in non league scoring almost 100 goals yet he wasnt given a FL chance earlier. Perhaps he had a good job so it took a good offer to persuade him to turn professional. There are lots of players like him about and fans who watch them regularly like you did are often the best judges rather than a scout like me who may only see them once, or aren't even aware of them at all.
  18. Makes me wonder Adam if AL pumped in £5 million why didn't he put another million or 2 to make sure the club wouldn't be in this situation?
  19. Thanks @basilrobbie, did you know when at Mossley Eamonn O'Keefe was a van driver for the Manchester Evening News and would have delivered the football pink after playing in a home match? That's why I think many who move from non league to professional football really work hard to succeed. Another interesting fact about Eamonn is he played for many years as a full back before switching to a striker role, hence why he wasn't spotted until he was 26yo. Probably the quickest player I've seen apart from David Shaw and I knew even at top level with his other skills he would cause problems. Ps I remember sending a 16yo lad called Matthews (can't remember his first name) to Derby County in the early 1990s and I know he later joined Blackpool, but don't think he stayed long. I wasn't totally convinced about him, but thought he was worth recommending as a schoolboy.
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