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  1. Another player goes to non league, well out of our range this one. https://fanbanter.co.uk/wrexham-pull-of-signing-of-the-summer-with-32-goal-striker/?s=09
  2. Just a reminder, the Burnley match isn't tomorrow.
  3. And to think he's within the age range of some of our trialists. https://fanbanter.co.uk/congleton-town-leaves-fans-shocked-with-signing-of-experienced-efl-goalscorer/
  4. Needs must under the KC preferred formation, certainly I'd have him there rather than McGahey. If you watched most of his matches he has come out of the centre to cover the flanks. Personally, I'd try new signing Clarke there though.
  5. I see Clarke can play centre back, but we have yet to see him play there. I wonder if he will start against Burnley with Hart to add more pace to the the centre back 3. McGahey being the one to miss out?
  6. I somehow think you would accept the situation of a similar owner here though. Am I right?
  7. About time these elite clubs helped our their neighbour's, but they are more concerned about raking in money from overseas.
  8. I'm not against any particular formation, I've seen them all since the 1950s and if you have better players than the opposition most can work. However, I feel at the moment we don't have the 3 quick and quality centre backs for KCs system. That can change of course and one answer may be for Hart to play there similar to how Kyle Walker plays for England. You are then losing a good left full back so it's a case of what fits best. McGahey would be better in the centre of a 3 IMO with Pidge and Hart wide of him.
  9. There must be a wealthy Latics fan who's a plumber?
  10. New Swindon Town owner statement. Can we hope too? https://www.swindontownfc.co.uk/news/2021/july/club-statement/
  11. I like to keep you all on your toes with a few tongue in cheek posts among the more serious ones.
  12. We certainly can't compete with another National League club Stockport County, will they end in disaster too, or are their recent signings (which are definitely beyond our means) an investment in the future?
  13. Matty Palmer to Notts County. We can't compete with these National League clubs.
  14. Who is the guy called Cheese we are rumoured to be signing?
  15. How did we progress from Hallam Hope to women's football?
  16. So one player was responsible for them being in the drop zone and it took 36 appearances for them to realise that? I always thought it was a team game.
  17. I did see in the big charity matches there were mixed teams, so it might progress from that.
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