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  1. What's the odds of staying in League 1 for 20 years? -Each year seven teams leave the division. Chances of staying in the division in a given year are 17 / 24 = 71%. -The chance of staying in the division for two years running would be (71% x 71%) = 50%. So after two years in the division, a team is equally likely to stay put or leave it. -Staying put for 20 years would be a (71%) ^ 20 shot = 0.1% or 1 in 989. -This assumes that each year a team has an equal chance of finishing in any position. But what if the team has a low crowd, poor budget a
  2. Substituted Bree Louise for Enigma Tavern. Plan otherwise intact. Will be easier to get back from than Lincoln!
  3. For those with no morals, who is heading to MK tomorrow evening by train? Bletchley --> Enigma Tavern --> taxi to the ground?
  4. Anyone else up for this one? I've booked train tickets as follows. Out on 15.08 from Kings Cross, gets into Lincoln 17.13. Return on 22.26, gets into Kings Cross at 00.54. (Needs a 13 min taxi change between the Newarks to catch the 23.07 from Newark Northgate. Cheaper if bought as two separate tickets.) Advance fares are £25 out, £19 back plus £5.10 back.
  5. Sounds good - yes I will be going to Leyton, should get to Technical by 2pm. Am coming with my son who has an undefeated record at Latics games so far!
  6. I am planning to go up to this one. Train tickets Lon to Stoke available for £40 return. Last train back is 21.53 which cuts it a bit fine, but only 12mins from stadium to station by taxi. Any takers?
  7. I've also got a spare Fleetwood ticket for donation to Rape Crisis, if any interest. I guess I'll try to go to more Arsenal games with my son (closest team). How could they be so utterly stupid? Barry obviously, but all the others? They got unanimity FFS.
  8. I've got my ticket. Looking forward to it. 2,300 of 3,000 gone so likely to sell out in the next week or two. Any thoughts on train times?
  9. I had Brazil to win 1-0 so got it half right! Now need Argentina to win the tournament to have any chance.
  10. Come on Germany. Shut up shop for five more minutes and 1-0 will do nicely for 5 bonus points.
  11. I will be going up on the 9.15, back on the 7.47pm.
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