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  1. Well. This is awkward. I was under the impression that Rosa, Disjointed and the "administrators" were going to pay me the £50 and match the donation for charity. You didn't think I was going to pay you did you? FFS.
  2. Straight up. Now you mention it, there was a bit at the end I missed off. I'm sure that message was meant to be for someone else though.
  3. Rosa says she wants me to have her place. Her text message in full reads: "24hoursfromtulsehill is the biggest name in Predicting and I want you to have my place, of which I am not worthy since my efforts are no more than plagiarised guesswork. It's scandalous that rudemedic continues to stink up the Premier League with his mediocrity because he was able to proffer a bribe like that, in plain sight of everyone. You deserve that place 24. You ARE the Prediction League!?! What's more, 24, if I can call you that, is that the League needs you. It needs the likes of you and Dave Collinge, the only winners of both professional and amateur titles. Without its History, the Prediction League is nothing. I hate all the lookerstandandies, the nzlatics and the ex_pats...there [sic] just sickening marketing operations with no integrity or History, much less predicting ability. Their [sic] like Paris St Germain or Red Bull Salzburg. Absolute parvenus. I'm also heartily sick, 24, of the way you were treated back in the day by the game's administrators. You were punished for someone else's crime once, which was bad enough. But then they continued to punish you by bringing it up at every bastard opportunity. You're like Jesus to me 24, and the sooner you're back leading the flock in the face of grim persecution, the better. You can have my place 24. I can't predict while a Historic name in Predicting is in exile. I am doing no more and no less than saving predicting through this Hara-Kiri gesture. Being beaten by you repeatedly over the years was an immense honour that I hope a new generation come to experience. I love you 24. God speed!?!!!?!!." Message ends. You can PayPal me the £50 at my usual email address.
  4. Lags is a top bloke and any opinions he has are very much grounded in his love of the club. He’d be terrific on the radio too.
  5. Just me firing the first shot of shithousery of the season.
  6. Fair’s fair to rudemedic. We’ve had our differences over the years - expressed not least in my superior placings - but I salute his cringy desperation. The League has its biggest star back too, about to embark on one of THE great campaigns towards victory and domination, like Sherman’s March to the Sea or Alexander The Great’s conquest of near Asia and north Africa.
  7. No one can better 100%. I’m talking about season aggregate.
  8. I’m in either way. Anyone come near my record points total yet? Thought not.
  9. 11.59 bid of £50.01 from The Maharaja of Mediocrity incoming.
  10. Unbelievable that Russian troublebot lookerstandandy is claiming a title for that. Game’s gone. There’s four people in the lower leagues who got more points than he did! Pathetic!
  11. As the Prediction League’s most famous professional and amateur champion, I’ve a few thoughts on the new system. 1. It seems that you can’t see your own Prediction to make last-minute alterations. That’s a minor ballache. 2. You can’t see other people’s predictions. This has two consequences. First, you can’t alight and have a little chuckle at the averageness of rudemedic’s predictions. Secondly, the whole thing lacks transparency, meaning that any cyber-cheats out there, or Russian wind-up bots like lookerstandandy, have a free pass. 3. It’s an impressive but improvable set-up. Can we have a page where we see all submissions? That was an important part of the entertainment for fans and an important part of the game for players.
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