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  1. Where is Mick Jagger now? Keith Richards? Ray Davies? Wherever they are, they're bang in the coronavirus crosshairs.
  2. This thread has taken a dark turn eh? To be fair, I've gone for sixties pop legends who have been cryogenically sealed off for a really long time (otherwise they'd definitely be dead). Is it wrong to wish COVID-19 on your death pool picks? Too soon?
  3. At least Acorah has had plenty of time to make a good impression before his arrival in the afterlife. Can I guess the date of the Queen's death? I reckon she'll go shortly after they announce Phil in mid-February...I'll try the 17th. My thinking is they want this Brexit fiasco out of the way before making changes at the top. We all know it's all over bar the shouting but that's how they do what they do innit.
  4. How about we make this interesting by putting money on it?
  5. Got time on my hands so I thought I'd start this thread early. It's better than the usual arrangement where someone remembers about it the day after Boxing Day. I scored big with Bracknell last year but there's no dice where 1960s rock stars are concerned. How is Keith Richards still going? Charlie Watts has been 90 years old since I was at school. Maybe coke and booze and smack and LSD and underage groupies are good for you. I think this year I'm going with the Davies bothers and Mick Avory from The Kinks; Wyman, Richards and Jagger; whoever rudemedic picks for captain; and anyone who's got a Wikipedia page that tells me they're about to go. Has anything happened at the football club since I was last on here?
  6. Fair point about the accountants...but if you’re in charge you face the music for shitty things done by the people around you. I’m sure there is a bit of groupthink and ganging up going on. At the same time, this received wisdom has legit sources that have accumulated over time. If nothing else, Barry has become a symbol and embodiment of the malaise. He has done so through his own actions, which we have all seen in public and when they manifest themselves publicly. I’ve not heard a single person who’s met or dealt with Barry say a good word about him, but that’s irrelevant.
  7. Barry was the Trust representative on the board and failed to file the Trust accounts...for SEVEN STRAIGHT YEARS. I’m also unclear what his role in the Abdallah takeover was. Abdallah was clearly sold a pup by Corney, so where was the due diligence. Surely it wasn’t in the hands of Barry Owen in his advisory capacity? As for Barry moaning about the financial mismanagement of the club under the previous regime...he’s got more front than Blackpool promenade. The man is a big part of the problem and has been for years. The only mystery is why some people think the shambles of the last fuck-knows-how-many years is not at least partly a product of Barry’s efforts. You know I love you Lags but pull the other one.
  8. Ray Davies Dave Davies Mick Avery Charlie Watts Keith Richards Leah Bracknell (C) Gorbachev Bobby Charlton Ronnie Wood Bill Wyman Fleep: 31 January
  9. The ginger lawyer is in it and she's more mad as fuck than ever. Oh. Sorry. This is from months ago. It's probably not on iPlayer anymore. Oh well.
  10. Mr S has had enough opportunities to return the flag to its rightful owners and has declined them all...not directly, but by being a shithouse about it. Therefore I'm going to set something up so current OASIS gimps can donate cash to put towards a new one, which will fly proudly, covered in lager, at three or four games a season (from 10 minutes after kick-off).
  11. The move to Tooting killed it for me. Not so much the move as the manner of it. Not a single pissboil from anyone about getting thrown out of the borough. No pitch invasion. No lock-in. No protest at all until after eviction. Just a constructive dialogue that went absolutely nowhere and ended up with the club getting shafted. Now they have strong backing in the House of Lords...for fuck’s sake... No doubt all the Johnny-cum-lateleys (Hi Mark!) will continue to traipse to Tooting until the formal merger for their twee days out, half watching the football, half swiping away on Tinder. If just a few of them gave a shit, Dulwich wouldn’t be in the shit they’re in...or the town they’re in. I dare say quite a lot of them believe quite strongly in the demolition of community assets to facilitate property speculation. I’m off to Fisher FC next season...when I’m not in Forest Green or Colchester or Grimsby.
  12. Seriously? I'd be careful. I shouldn't need to warn anyone about the Greatness of Dave Collinge. He's like a shark. He can smell blood or sense weakness on the other side of an ocean. Parking the bus will reek of panic, and he'll be on you just like that. If you park the bus, my money's on Dave to get an historical second Professional Title.
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