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Dean Holden Shirt For Sale


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OK, I will set the ball rolling with a tin of some unknown brand of custard which I inherited when we had an office move, best before date August 08. What's the closing date?



when i get a decent offer ;)


i shud really put a pic up, ha

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As opposed to playing Pro-Evo, I get the impression Masked Owl intends to be doing plenty of shagging.


Why else would he be prepared to let the Dean Holden shirt go?



Ryan, i seem to remember thrashing you several times when we played pro evo last.


Stitch, what are new houses for!

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Ah, the folly of youth. You've never co-habited before, eh Stitchy? :wink:


On the contrary. I moved in with my childhood sweetheart in June 2005 after not a bad word in 4 years together - come August 2005 she was out on her arse. :smoking::ranting:


More recently a sweetheart managed a simliar length of time at my humble abode. She was relatively easy going but didn't wash up enough/properly and, ahem, wanted shagging far too often. :blink: That's Manchester High girls for you...


Best of luck anyway Masked Owl, months of Ikea, painting and fixing shelves await.

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