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Saints vs Leeds


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Cracking game and to be fair the woolybacks gave it to the sheep shaggers. James Roby was awesome.

Awesome, the lads were 100% on every play. Meli, Fozzy, Roby, Leon, it's just impossible - you just can't pick anyone out who played that bit more than the rest. It was also the night that Knowsley Road waved bye to Scully, Fozzard and Anderson.


One massive plus from these moving on is that with Scully and Fozzard leaving, it should free up some room under the wage cap...

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What is the wage cap amount rummy? I know r.league players arent as greedy as footballers but it must be hard for a club with a squad of 25 to be salary capped, what happens if they spend over there capped amount?


Wigan lost points two seasons on the bounce for breaching the salary cap. Here's one article...




I think bradford have, and I know we have had some fine for breaching in 2007...




I suppose the wage cap changes each season to take into account other financial factors, like inflation. After some research with engage, it looks like In 2008 the Super League operated under new "real time" salary cap systems, that calculated a club's salary cap position at the beginning of and throughout the season....


"The combined earnings of the Top 25 players must not exceed £1.6 million and clubs will only be allowed to sign a new player if they have room under the cap. Clubs will also be allowed to spend a maximum of £50,000 on players outside the Top 25 earners who have made at least one first grade appearance for the club during the year. Costs for players outside of the Top 25 earners who do not make a first team appearance will be unregulated. Any player who has played for the same Club for at least 10 consecutive seasons will have half their salary excluded from the Salary Cap for his eleventh and subsequent seasons. This is subject to a maximum of £50,000 for any one club."

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