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  1. David Dunn got a raw deal according to the show. The pair of pricks bigging him up, Morrison and grey didn't pay to watch his drivel.
  2. A lad I work with is so red he's almost Russian. That said he went through school with Jim and wouldn't trust him with 10p.
  3. Done this recently and no problems until changing my wifi. There is no icon or anything to connect to, available networks etc. Connected by cable at the moment but had no other issues with other devices in the household. Please help
  4. What I don't get is,the people saying I won't come as long as Evans is at the club.shouldn't your ire be directed at the people prepared to employ him?
  5. If rumours are to be believed, Hughes was a dab hand at grabbing women by the throat
  6. Hmmm maybe tin hat time, but how did Marlon king pull on a shirt again? It's been said Evans was unrepentant, there is a difference between unrepentant and protesting your innocence. If he was unrepentant why potentially waste money on an appeal?
  7. Johnson started to tinker from Bristol away onwards. Yesterday was the beginning of a slow recovery. While the second goal was a good one, it helped them that our left back lay injured, I'm sure had mills not been twatted in their area,they wouldn't have scored.
  8. Cloudy here next to the ground. No frost
  9. Will it still have a bias towards certain clubs and have Steve claridge on it?
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