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Thankyou Mr Kuyt

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Nice to see that besides being the weathliest team in the world,:censored:ty are still the biggest clowns.


I have to admit that the only thing that can make me feel better when Latics have lost is bad results for either of our "massive" neighbours.


If there is one thing that the scummers can't stand more than losing a game/title/cup competition.then it's losing it to Liverpool.


Todays result gives the impression that Liverpool are finally equipped to challenge for the title.


Unlike many posters on here I don't have an axe to grind with Liverpool as for 20 years their success kept the scummers hiding away in their closets.


I can only pray that Liverpool re-establish themselves as Englands No 1 club (although i think that the records show that they might still be).

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i've just checked the result and that has cheered me up no end....


did a swap at work for friday nights game and the pay back was a 'last' tram tonight... a 'howler' of a shift too and after fridays result i thought that i'd been conned!


ha ha ha ha ha ha......


two early....


not enough money spent......


and by far the WRONG man as manager!!!!

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