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Inspiral Carpets 10/03/07


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As I wouldn't be making the trip up to Boundry Park on Sunday I was lucky enough to still get my 'Oldham' fix as the Inspirals were playing in Shepards Bush the night before. I was joined by Mike, unfortunately Mark had to pull out at the last minute, and meet up with Sam and his Sister afterwards during my attempts to get to the aftershow drinks. I had arranged through the band for four passes upstairs after the gig however none could be found, but after several conversations with Graham Inspiral during the gig it looked like my look was in...... but alas I waited for Graham in the upstairs bar but before the band came out Securtity asked me to leave :exile:


Ah well it was a fantastic gig and well worth the three years wait since the last time I managed to see them, even recruiting a new OASIS member during the gig (good meet you Shaun) :oasissign1: Especially pleasing was Clint starting a 'Blue army' chant .......... with a member of Keane??


Enjoy the pictures............


Mark :OASISscarf:




Latic's Fanatic Graham



Zigga zagga ........



The blues are going up ......








Not another injury worry for Shezza

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