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  1. I’m guessing the pair have issued proceedings against the club?
  2. Fuck me mate, you’re way better than that reply, especially your final sentence. You asked him for an opinion about Natalie and he replied (probably like 99% of us would) with, “no idea”. Where did he defend the club in that one sentence in reply to you? “Nowhere”, is the answer despite your accusation and subsequent admonishment for “deflecting and not actively criticising”! That seems to be telling him what opinions he should be expressing?!! So the last part of his sentence is a teeny bit passive aggressive but it’s hardly a childish insult.
  3. Which is exactly the point in my post above. Look again at Singe’s response to the vanilla post by Whittles where he is accusing him of “always defending the club”, even when he wasn’t. This type of cognitive bias is triggered on virtually every thread at some point by a number of posters. People remember usernames and invariably attack the poster, not the post. The motive seems to be to stifle alternative opinion and like I said, everyone’s views are valid. It just gets a bit boring when every thread ends up the same way. Anyway, here’s to some football and
  4. You know the rules Whittles. If you aren’t attacking the regime, you’re defending it. The moral bastions of OWTB will soon let you know. This used to be a good place to have a laugh and talk about Latics. Yes, most of it was about us being shit but different opinions were welcomed. Hopefully, we will get back to that one day and some of the respected posters who have taken a hiatus will stop just being lurkers. Sadly, a growing group want it to be an echo chamber full of confirmation bias. They appear on virtually every thread attacking those with a slightly positi
  5. I hope to meet you one day in the Main Stand Pete and as always, you make valid points. The answer to Singe was really to highlight that the truth can often be more powerful than hyperbole and there are valid factors for the massive drop in sales. For personal reasons, I’ll be travelling back to Oldham more often in the coming months and as my boys are now young men, one of the best ways I get to spend fun and quality time with them is watching football. It’s always a bit of a trek for us so we tend to make a weekend of it and had some memorable trips to away games last season.
  6. Seen on Twitter that you’re having a mare of a day mate. Hope your train troubles get resolved. It should be totally obvious though the reason why ST sales are way down at Latics compared to the majority of other Clubs. Anyone buying a ST for any team is taking a massive leap of faith at the moment. All things being equal, you would see similar take up throughout the leagues. Stockport are owned by a local businessman who is looking to invest. Carlisle are owned by a consortium of local businessmen. I don’t know the ins and outs but I’d guess that fans a
  7. Especially as we are only planning to rent him.
  8. I heard a rumour it was with “False” Dawn from the Ticket Office
  9. I’m sure most of us are originally from Oldham so shouldn’t it be Cluuurrrrrr?
  10. Good bit of nostalgia from the days when we were a bit less crap.
  11. I don’t know. I was just posting some facts to correct a misunderstanding. But I would suspect that the solution for the Safety Certificate lies with Brassbank rather than OAFC. Maybe we will find out next week? I despise this regime but I am also happy to acknowledge that not everything is their fault.
  12. You posted that article “from 6 months ago” and it was dated 29 February. Mike Minay’s article a week later on 6 March confirmed that a deal had been reached between Brassbank and AL. The debenture was paid off as a result. So they did meet, resolved their differences and hopefully, the Stand will be open when spectators are let back into the ground in 6 weeks time. Then we can have another pissboil and come up with some different arguments for boycotting BBC Sport Oldham Athletic: League Two club agrees Boundary Park deal as
  13. It’s got Matt’s brother’s fingerprints all over this hasn’t it? Stevie_J will be stroking his tartan fleece while reading
  14. I use other Invision Sites mainly for US sports and they have recently “upgraded” too. Thank you so much for not going for the “advertisements that look like replies after every fourth or fifth post” option. Keep up the good work chaps!
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