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  1. Meanwhile, the conversation was about Mike Petrasso. Prat
  2. My old driving instructor back in the 80s
  3. I have no idea what his model is nor any idea of his finances. Any normal business that constantly loses money and ostracises its customers to further reduce income would go bust very quickly. Football is different though and on top of the millions he’s spent already, he must be putting in hundreds of thousands of his own money each year to keep us afloat. The sustainability depends on how long he’s prepared to do that. If he’s got a few hundred million and is happy to write off £500k+ per year to fund his hobby then we could be stuck with him until he gets bored.
  4. They will be on enough. Same as CBJ and others. Put it this way, there will be an awful lot of cheaper options out there including academy players. Well that’s good news. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Your sums still don’t add up though. Why didn’t he sell when he had the chance if he’s running out of cash and plans to walk? Why Is he strengthening the squad when he could just play a bunch of kids? I’m doing nothing proactive to get rid of him and I’ll spend my money how I like and that’s because I want to watch my team with my sons and to see mor
  5. There are lots of people who claim to be “in the know” and a fair few seem to think that starving him of cash will force him to leave, including you. As you are well-connected, I was asking if you had some evidence that this course of action would work. I don’t expect anyone to know his detailed financial situation but the rumours range from him being potless to having access to substantial funds and I’m assuming he managed to convince Blitz of the latter. Having a bit more knowledge as to where he is on that scale would help us all surely and like I say, there are several people
  6. Thanks for the reply tGWB but I wasn’t looking for a view on my decision to buy season tickets. That’s an individual choice and I’m happy with what I decided. What I was hoping to find out from those “in the know” was the extent of losses that Legsamam was prepared to swallow before calling it quits. I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that nobody knows and in fact most seem to think he will stay. The “starving him out” option therefore doesn’t seem to have much chance of success but I respect that everyone has the right to do what they think is correct.
  7. Well consider me significantly underwhelmed with that patronising response. I asked you because you’re an intelligent guy and I thought you may have some idea about his means and breaking point. Clearly not. The list of football club owners who consistently write off vast sums of money is a very long one. The list of football club owners influenced by direct action doesn’t exist. Late payment and despicable treatment of staff, players, suppliers etc. is his way of doing business. Listen to the interview with Gerrard. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he do
  8. Can you provide me with some evidence that AL will fuck off because he’s losing shitloads of money? He has shown no sign of that despite allegedly being offered the chance to cut his losses. You’re in the know and seem convinced you’re right so spill the beans and give me facts as to why I’m wrong. I’ve got valid reasons for buying STs this year. Personal reasons that go way beyond football. Yes it’s a shit show. Yes I want him out and if there was something that I could do to make that happen then sign me up. I remain to be convinced about the “starve him out” approac
  9. Really good points but I think it is 0 for 4. On Scholes, he was being sued for breach of contract for resigning due to “interference” in team selection which 99.9% of us know was going on. Scholes could easily have launched a defence and would have had numerous witnesses (including ex-managers and current and former playing staff) to prove that the Legsamams were interfering. If he could have been arsed, he would have won hands down. Facts are that Scholes is a very rich man, had/ has a number of other well documented issues on his plate and the sum involv
  10. I’m assuming he will be like the rest of us and be looking for European passport qualification once we disappear totally down the shitter in January 2021. But you’re right and thanks for the correction!
  11. When he’s lifting the World Cup in Belarus for Ireland (after another Champions League win with Latics), I’ll be basking in the glory of starting this thread
  12. Too late for today but check your dad’s spam. The codes for my 3 boys ended in their junk emails. I found that Gina in the Ticket Office very helpful dealing with all my queries when I thought I’d not been sent all the codes.
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