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Was reading this and it just goes to show you how much football can change. Leeds were so 'big' that they were considered aboive consulting about this (I bet pappa smurf wishes it had gone ahead now as they aren't even in the top 4 of league 1). Bradford wanted in and they are now struggling in League 2. Loads of other clubs who would have considered the plans have spent time in league 1 or lower (and Southampton only just stayed in the Championship last year and I get the impression they were one of the big instigators). Whereas at the time Hull (who were in Legaue 2), Stoke and Wigan (both in Legaue1) would have bee too lowly to be considered now they are all in the top flight. Its a funny old game and can be made even funnier if you look at it retrospectively

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Pretty much everything Richard Scudamore says in that article makes me literally feel sick at the state of football. All about the money now. Makes me laugh how the scummers complain about Chelsea 'not running their club as a business' and trying to get success at all costs, but who made football a business in the first place. Making money wasn't the original spirit of the game, it's a shame that's all it's become.

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