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Greedy pony's late night plunge


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Greedy pony's late night plunge


A greedy pony drunk after gorging on fermented apples had to be rescued after falling into a swimming pool.




Quality. I bet Fat Boy's got a cracking headache this morning - plus that feeling of guilt. Ever wake up after a session of lager that creates a blackout similar to anaesthesia? Only to then backtrack your evening to a point where you can remember the blue flashing lights and the semi clad frolicks - Fat Boy will be there right now...


Horsey Thoughts:


What the? My head....

Ooo - that was some session!


Why do I stink of stagnant pond? Where the hell did all this algae come from?

Oh no. No, no, not photographers - I've done it this time, I made the news...

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I'm more interested in today's current financial climate how a 28 year old could afford a house with a swimming pool and an orchard. She could be Penhaligon of Penhaligon's. Plus does anyone have a piccy of her (after all she could be attractive (and rich)).

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