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The big difference from us being 7 or in the top 2!!!! Needs to be the first name on the sheet for me (and so many others today)


Lewi = first name on team sheet.


Everyone talks about how critical Greegs, Lidds, Hughes are for us. Lewi hasnt started since Hudds at home. Our record is 3 defeats, 1 draw and 1 win (against a team who the Dog and Duck could have beat) without him. Lets get back to basics. Unbelievable he wasnt in the 16 today.

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If I'd have been manager I'd have picked the same team today, with the exception of Ormerod (who just simply shouldn't be at the club - bringing in loan players for positions where we didn't need cover sends out the wrong signal to players).


It was clear to me in the early games that this season Allessandra was the key link between midfield and attack. Something that was clearly lacking at the start of last season - a period of time that effectively cost Latics a play-off place. Against MK Dons he missed a sitter, looked a little jaded, but still played well. Shez left him out at Stockport and again, I would probably have done the same. But I would also have brought him back straight away too.


Assuming there is nothing else wrong with the lad he would be my second name on the team sheet after a fit and available Hughes.


When he's on the pitch we pass through the middle more, bring the wide men in to play more, keep it on the ground more and find the intelligent diagonal pass thorough the channels more - we look a far better side.


When he's on the pitch, he's always there to take a pass from the middle of the park. Most on here will agree that our midfield has been overpowered on occasions this season. There a 2 solutions to that - play 4-5-1 or ensure you have somebody in the hole linking well with the middle 4, holding the ball up to take the pressure off and buying the time for the likes of Allot or Whitaker to get forward and join the attack.


When he's not on the pitch we play a hoof it up to a front man (Hughes) who never wins a header. Class on the floor - but we might as well bring Ricketts back if we're just going to hoof it.


Lewis is an intelligent footballer. Clever and unselfish. Look at the run across the defender he made at Leeds as Taylor curled in from the edge of the box. He was never going to get the ball, but he ensured a defender was occupied to allow Taylor the space and time to find the net. Things like that are worth 20 goals a season - for other players.


He doesn't score enough goals himself, but we were finding the net a damn site more when he was in the team than when he's out of it. But once one has bounced in off his arse in a goalmouth scramble I think the goals will come too.


There may be other issues to address on the pitch. But making this change will make us click better a unit.

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