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Does experience count for anything?

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Shez has been going on about having more experience and voices in the team.

Now weve got the most experienced teamin the division and one of the oldest and doesn't seem to have helpedus.


All I saw today was players arguing and moaning with themselves, the referee and the manager.


Crossely, Gregan, Hazell, Allott, Whittaker, Liddell, Hughes and Brett Ordinary all have at least 300 league games each behind them.


Thats 8 of the 11 that started today and Maher on the bench.


Lets have the right mix, Smalley needs to be given a long run in the team and lets get back to 4 defenders with Lomax back in instead of 3 defenders with Jones playing as a 2nd left winger.


The Ormerod gamble hasn't and won't pay off, he was knakered after 20 minutes today and his touch and lack of pace was alarming, give Davies and Hughes an extended run, remember Hereford the only league game theyve started together and we got 4 goals.


Come on Shez it isn't rocket science.

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The Ormerod gamble hasn't and won't pay off, he was knakered after 20 minutes today and his touch and lack of pace was alarming

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...


I'm bothered about his apparent lack of discipline when it comes down to fitness - forget about his "match fitness" for a moment here - I'm just highlighting his stamina levels, or lack of. David Eyres ran about like a 20 year old at this level, I dare say he still doing something similar at a lower level.


Am I overlooking something here? Why has he not got the stamina levels that is required of him even in L1? I will not accept the "not played any first team games" response. You can train to improve stamina without kicking a ball...


Perhaps it's just me, but I'm disappointed with him.

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I'm not suprised by the dip in form as I have never seen a great performance this year. I saw teams better than us and losing at BP. We reaped the rewards of other teams' poor finishing.


Do we have a defensive coach at the club? We seem to have forwards/midfielders. Also, is our club a bit of a boozing club? Is the regime too soft?

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im sorry alec but i strongly disagree with that about we havent seen any good performances, we were magnificent against cheltenham and also hereford, we were quite good against millwall (last half hour) and same with the leicester game. not to mention the wins at tranmere and leeds.

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