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  1. He’s under pressure now for me Kewell. Such a strange season, and it’s been entertaining at points of the season, but cannot take anything from that tonight, and if he says otherwise in his post match interview he can fuck right off.
  2. What a time to be alive. Deservedly losing a league game at home to fucking Barrow. Furious with that performance, simply not good enough. Not a single positive I can take from that.
  3. Horrific. Defence shocking. Midfield non existent. Tasdemir seems such a wasteful loan signing when we have far bigger issues, completely lacking any quality in his Latics career so far.
  4. Has to be the most stop start first 14 minutes of a game ever. Terrible standard of football.
  5. I just refreshed everything and working Ok again now. Awful start btw.
  6. Anyone’s Ifollow not working? Mine has froze at 2:59?
  7. The swerve on that is incredible. Could watch that all day.
  8. Good point. Reckon we’d of won that with 11. Tranmere apart from their last home game have been flying, but looked ordinary today, as per the rest of the teams in this league. Jombati getting a red today could be a blessing if you think big picture. Surely performances today drop him down to our 4th centre half. Hopefully never see him in a blue shirt again. We haven’t half scored some worldies this season.
  9. I didn’t think Rowe’s goal would be beaten this season, but DKD a few weeks ago and then that 1 trump it for me.
  10. Bollocks. Lucky. Couldn’t have been a worse 5 mins to a half that.
  11. Fuck off Jombati. Should never play for us again!!! One of the worst I’ve ever seen.
  12. Still maintain that he’s better than Bilboe, not a great keeper, and I’d like better next season, but not the worst i’ve ever seen. He makes some great saves, and obviously saves penalties.
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