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  1. For what it’s worth I do think Rowe’s goal is better, but in a poll i’d expect Baha to win it on the basis Rowe left mid-season.
  2. You may have the wrong goal in mind there. Baha’s goal is outside the box and is definitely spectacular.
  3. Hopefully Stockport and/ or Halifax come up too. Latics, Dale, Stockport, Halifax and Tranmere in League 2 would be half decent. Shame Bolton look to be going up and Wigan are staying up in lg1.
  4. This will be Barnes last game for us I feel. Made of elastic that lad.
  5. I find this baffling too. I see similar comments on social media too. I’m not Lawlor’s biggest fan and I believe we should aim for a better GK next season, but he’s head and shoulders better than this guy on loan now, who is nowhere near FL level.
  6. Over ran in midfield, story of the season. Garrity is piss poor. Defence weak as piss, with Clarke in particularly useless. GK simply isn’t good enough for the football league. Barnes tries hard, but has little to no quality, not good enough in my opinion. I’ll give Dearnley benefit of doubt after 4 months out, but he looks rusty. Big season for him next season, has to stay fit for long periods or his career at this level is over in my opinion. I want to see more from Adams too, he should be much better than he has been recently. CBJ too inconsistent and i’d be looking to improve that position
  7. Not even played great, but should be 4-0 up here. Should be game over.
  8. Sweet jesus we are so shit at the back. Keeper should do better again for me. Wasn’t even near the corner there.
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