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Carson should have controlled the situation, called and come and put his foot through the ball or stayed back and given Terry an easy pass back me thinks - ended up doing neither. Maybe just mis-communication as they haven't played in the same team for more than a few minutes


Also Carson had only been on for a short while so shouldn't be too harsh

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That was promising as although we only won 2-1 we dominated for large spells and looked quite strong against a suposedly good (although the Germans weren't at thier best) team away. Barry and Carrick played a lot better together than Lampard and Gerrard have ever done and a case could be made for neither Lampard nor Gerrard to start England's next game (no doubt one will be convieniently injured anyway). I thought Downing was very impressive tonight and made up in part for some of the bad performances he's had in an England shirt, likewise SWP who looked a lot better on the right of a 4-man midfield than he has done playing elsewhere recently. I liked the threat of Defoe and Agbonlahor up front as their pace combined was too much for the German defence (admittedly not the quickest in the world). The back four all had reasonable games but Glenn Johnson, in particular, was very impressive.


However, I'd be surprised if Bent and Carson feature too much for England again. Bent did well in parts but when he went round the goalie somehow I thought he was going to miss and he did. I'm sorry at any level of football missing that sort of chance proves costly and he was fortunate that we ended up winning. Similar for Carson really, goal keepers can't be making errors like that (although I conceed John Terry should have done better too) and keep getting away with it at international football. Both players are in positions where we have a lot of similar standard of players and I'm sorry but I couldn't see Michael Owen missing that sort of chance nor Chris Kirkland conceeding that goal, both of which weren't in the squad.

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