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Not a shock

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BBC 606:


Confirmed interviews...

League One Huddersfield Town

by nolski (U13705016) 20 November 2008


Hi guys - I'm new on here, but have been a reader for some time. I usually post on DATM but it's been blocked at work! Anyway, I have from an extremely reliable source that John Sheridan was interviewed yesterday, and Aidy Boothroyd is interested but is waiting to see what Town have to offer first.

You heard it here first!


wednesday was the players day off, owners probs be prepared to let him go/get compo from town based on the recent happenings. Bigger budget at town, knows if he doesnt get us up then he'll probs be out of a job come may.


wouldn't suprise me if he did go.



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Of course, we know all about "extremely reliable sources" but I admit it wouldn't be the biggest shock I've ever seen in football.


I have heard from an ever more extremely reliable source that Shez has been interviewed for the Bakers job at Tesco. Appartently he will have a lot more dough to get his hands on, but will have to sort out all the jam roll's (cockney rhyming slang) if he's gonna get anywhere.



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Thing is, if you were in a career with the kind of job security a football manager has, wouldn't you be keeping your hand in by applying for every vaguely interesting position advertised? Doesn't mean you'll be offered the job, or indeed that you'd accept it.

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Odds for Huddersfield job at 2.30pm


Boothroyd A 1/3 Money R 33/1 OLeary D 40/1

Adkins N 10/1 Holloway I 33/1 Poyet G 50/1

Penney D 16/1 Ward J 40/1 Little B 50/1

Gannon J 16/1 Dowie I 40/1 S Allardyce 50/1

Appleton M 16/1 Robins M 40/1 Lillis M 50/1

Davies B 33/1 Sheridan J 40/1 Macari L 66/1

Ferguson D 33/1 Moore R 40/1 Sinnott L 66/1

Laws B 33/1 Ruddock N 40/1 Jackson P 66/1

Cole A 33/1 Slade, R 40/1 Tempest D 250/1

Cotterill S 33/1 Gregory J 40/1 Bruce S 500/1



At 10.30am , Sheridan was 25/1 and Boothroyd 3/1 - so it looks as though Adie is pretty nailed on according to bookies.

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Rumours pages of this mornings papers seem to suggest that boothroyd has turned it down and recommended Michael Appleton




Have you read 606 on transfer deadline day? Its so full of crap from 1000's of idiots posting absolute garbage. I won't believe anything off there until Kaka, Messi and the pope sign for us.

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