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  1. There was a Football Special train in 1964. Dad and I got it from Shaw.
  2. I think Gordon was an ex Charlton player, won an FA Cup winner’s medal with them. Had been Latics reserve team manager.
  3. Gordon Hurst very briefly. Then Bates wanted a “name” so Jimmy McIlroy. Jack Rowley then returned before Frizzell as acting then permanent. Turned out ok didn’t it?
  4. Frizz didn’t take over until 69/70 season
  5. Piergianni now has five bookings after the “over zealous “ yellow card for supposed time wasting yesterday. Is it six for a suspension?
  6. Win the next few and he could be in for Manager of the Month .....
  7. I hope Harry has got or is about to get an Irish passport. Will save him hours at passport control in Europe.
  8. Has there been a period when 5 day county games were regular occurrences ?
  9. Seems Lancs must have “relationship” problems too
  10. Heck of an assumption. Physios move on . Career progression etc When Jimmy McGregor left from being Latics’ physio to go to Old Trafford was that down to “relationships “? It is a key role , but I’d want to know for certain why it’s becoming vacant rather than jump to your conclusion.
  11. Quite. Maybe the longer term perspective will be applied to other situations and players won't be written off after 90 minutes.
  12. Latics fans upset at not selling a good player. Strange times.
  13. Was in the main stand and have to say the noise from Latics fans was superb. Bellowing across the pitch
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