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  1. This is a very good podcast that discusses the post Brexit regulations regarding the signing of non British players. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/football-weekly/id188674007?i=1000505089419
  2. Not just our decision. The FA were involved . On Thursday the forecast was pretty dire, Bournemouth were travelling on Friday and a postponed match would have left Latics liable for travel and accommodation costs - plus possibly losing loss of broadcast income. Bournemouth also have a Championship match on Tuesday so no way would a Sunday game have been agreed to. It is as it is and not worth getting het up about.
  3. A great player in an excellent City team. He was the creative brains behind Lee, Summerbee etc as well as being tough and scoring goals himself. Unassuming but a massive force on the pitch. Possibly the nearest to him in the last 20 years has been Scholes . ps He was also quite a successful restaurant owner - along with Colin Waldron he set up the “ Bell Waldron” which had a good reputation
  4. This forecast isn't promising but it is five days off.... https://www.yr.no/en/forecast/daily-table/2-2641022/United Kingdom/England/Oldham/Oldham
  5. That’s a lorry load of matches to catch up on.
  6. Let’s put it this way. If a few people who have worked their socks off in potentially dangerous environments helping the sick over a period of nine months, often having to forgo leave entitlements , want to let off a bit of steam then it’s fine with me. In fact they can dance the full Swan Lake around my bed. We hear a lot about mental health. If it helps nurses to cope then keep on dancing.
  7. I do hope you are trying to be provocative. If not, bugger off
  8. 1312: Among The Ultras James Montague Ebury Press 2020 Hardback 378pp £20 Who or what are ultras? Supporters, political activists, welfare workers, criminals, businessmen, and philanthropists are all terms that could be applied to various manifestations of these groups aligned with football across the globe. The misconception that ultras are merely flamboyant and extreme bands of terrace hooligans, mainly operating in a handful of countries is laid bare in this encompassing and riveting journey through their culture and participants. The choreography and spe
  9. Take your point but even in some of those games we have come back even if not victorious- and I hasten to say that he’s not going to be successful every time. Just that he seems to have more nous
  10. Is Kewell a bit of a wiz at substitutions and game changing? He certainly seems to be a manager that isn’t afraid to altering both individuals and formation when necessary. Probably one of the best we’ve had at this and someone who has got to grips with the revised substitution regulations
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