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  1. Hartlepool have lost their pre season friendlies against non league sides, their main striker was a loaner who is now At Harrogate and their keeper another loaner, injured and back at Boro. I don’t share your optimism about them - and I hope they do do well. Looking at their fans’ comments, we seem like sunny optimists! Edit. Pools beat Dunston United last night but not many positive vibes emanating from the club. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/if-we-stand-still-well-be-in-trouble-dave-challinors-honest-pre-season-verdict-as-he-looks-to-raise-standards-at-hartlepool-united-3327283
  2. Looking at the line up on OS , he was very definitely under the wrong impression.
  3. We won the replay 2-1 on Feb 24th nb in Round 1 we beat Liverpool 5-3 and Round 2 beat Man City 3-0 in second replay after two matches of 1-1.
  4. Sending him further north each season. Somebody wants to see the Londoner knocked out of him
  5. Nor for their home match against us . Doubly useless.
  6. Is this another of your “tongue in cheek” posts?
  7. More bad luck for Marcus Barnes. There’s potential there but injuries won’t get him a deal .
  8. Non sequitur from your original post. However it is a little like trying to nail down jelly with you - and I don’t mean to be disrespectful just that you (intentionally or not) can be very frustrating. I’m sure you will keep posting your opinions, good luck to you BP and don’t take criticism as always being personal.
  9. Hardly It’s like saying no League club can compete with them. Just as likely that none wanted him. NB remember how Notts County went on a spending spree a few seasons ago? Ended in disaster
  10. And more on the spat with Bradford. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/19455050.bantams-unhappy-way-york-handled-donaldson-signing/
  11. Seems to be common across many clubs. Rochdale has exactly same for Rotherham match And Wigan have £12 as standard and concessions at £8 & £5. Am going to York v Mboro next Tuesday and concessions are £8. Limit of 2000 allowed in.
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