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Phil Woolas MP


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He was talking about a points scheme for immigrants which he proposes to use to decide who can enter the UK based on the skill shortages for current vacancies. Paxman asked him how many vacancies there currently were for a variety of specific jobs, and he said he didn't know. His defence was that that isn't how market forces work. What puzzles me is why if he wanted a free market outcome, he would be proposing an act of Parliament with a huge civil service points scheme to administer it. Or why if he wants a government managed points scheme which would regulate immigration in the national interest he would defend it by saying it was serving the free market. I've come to conclude that maybe he's a stupid :censored: who has been promoted above his ability as Labour have run out of people to give jobs to from their initial landslide victory. Same thing happened to the Tories in the Major years.

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Does my head Woolas. Not a fan of anyone who lives in London and preaches to those living in Oldham whenever there is a problem in the town.


Er don't all MPs live in London more than they do in their own constituency. There is one good thing about him thought- he's not my MP. :grin:

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