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  1. Just bumped into him and asked him. He's getting a tortoise.
  2. I'm a bit of an expert on these matters. There will be 516 tomorrow.
  3. http://sport2jlt.com/transfers The managers his company represents. A whose who of future failed Oldham Athletic Managers. As a tribute to the (possible) new chairman I'd work right to left through that list.
  4. Heard a rumour about the Lincoln managers coming in but I doubt they would leave Lincoln. They seem like they're desperate to build something there. Sounds like they've been getting paid well too after signing new contracts in the middle of their cup and promotion runs. Can't see them getting rid of Sheridan. Corney only has to tell him what happens to us when Sheridan isn't here.
  5. Sorry, had a look but couldn't see anything. Sorry again for ruining your evidently boring morning/life. Kisses x
  6. Be mad if they pick him up and he plays games in the Premiership. Did we not rate him or was he asking for too much?
  7. Scored for Huddersfield last night. Is he still signed with us?
  8. Most sensible post on OWTB since records began.
  9. A mill ain't bad money considering we're never on tele. Money for nowt!
  10. Out of Blackburn, Forest and Birmingham I'd go for the latter. I know Blackburn would be a good derby but can't help but think the other two especially Birmingham would be a better day out. Plus I've never seen us at Birmingham.
  11. Haha. I enjoyed this. People crying all over the shop. PS if Ian Moore didn't want people singing nasty songs at him he should have chosen better parents.
  12. I was talking about that at work the other week with the whole Westminster attacks. No one had heard of it, had to pull it up on Bing*. * Googled it really. Just wanted to sound edgy.
  13. No matter who you vote for the government always win!
  14. I'm not bothered for it if I'm honest. We'll have bigger results over the next few years that will need documenting
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