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city fans mad

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Work should be interesting on Monday.


Hughes head has been on a platter since he walked into the job. Alot of City fans couldnt see past his United history. Each passing defeat just add's more and more city to the Hughes out campaign. I'll be suprised if he's still there come Feb.



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no, but it was like the city show. no interview with shezza after the game and not one comment from a latics fan on the phone or text.


If you look at any match reports of us on the BBC website, it always has an audio report from the opposing team but not from ours. Chris O'Grady has also got an interview about his loan move to Bradford. Are the BBC fulfilling their requirements as a public service broadcaster? I would say fair enough if they were banking on big money advertising, but they are not, they get a guaranteed amount from the license fee.

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