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Billy Sharp

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What an effort from him to play and score, just three days after losing his son.


And good on the ref, Darren Deadman, for keeping his cards in his pocket for the goal celebration.


RIP Luey.

Very upsetting story , been reading about it on Twitter , shame Donny couldnt win for him but at least he scored


RIP little one

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Puts in context when Tevez on £250,000 a week refuses to play and Sharp who will be on probably be on around £8-10,000 plays 3 days after his childs death

Someone's said the same thing on the comments section on the SSN article.......


RIP Little Luey. A great credit to Billy Sharp that he was still able to go out and perform after such heartbreaking news. Also, Football tends to unite when things like happen; but that said - well done to the 'Boro fans who were by all accounts top-draw with their reactions pre, during & after the game in regards to this horrible news. Also to the ref; who was sensible and understanding, displaying some common sense when others may have gone with book and shown a yellow.


Thoughts are with the Sharp family; news like this is never, ever nice to hear and brings to mind all the 'it's just a game' stuff

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