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Latics ratings today vs Chesterfield.

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Cisak;some decent saves today but his starting position for a keeper could be better,felt he could of claimed far balls than he did.Happy with him overall this season though.7.

Lee;solid as usual,one of the most consistent players in the team.Decent going forward and cant remember him being done by Smith of Chesterfield.7

Black;interesting one this,their goal came from his side and I thought he didn't have much cover but it looks as though teams highlight him as a potential weakness.Second half thought he did well to be fair.6

Clarke;Thought it was usual Clarke,switches off at times and was second best too many times first half but generally got better.Mvoto for Liverpool please Mr Dickov.6

Diamond;solid enough no nonsense performance,steadily getting better after a slow start.7

Furman;same old Furman today,good effort first half which was well saved,usual bustling self.7

Adayemi;I know some of you guys criticise him but love the way he gets forward and but for a stunning save he would of won it for us second half.Real energy this lad however if Wes is fit Tom will make way at Anfield.6

Morais;a conundrum for Dickov,comes on at weekend and scores and makes one.Today makes one but typical Fil is as guilty of sloppy passes and giving the ball away as he is as being creative.6

Taylor;say what you will he is our best player,some really well timed runs off his man and could have done better with his finish first half.Was sat with the Chesterfield fans and they really were giving him some stick but wished he played for them.7

Simpson;class act this lad,really links up midfield and attack and can pick a pass.Top marks Robbie lad.8

Smith;not sure on Matty today,at times looked a non league player but then won more in the air and held the ball up better than Kuqi,started poor but then got better and would benefit from more than a cameo role every now and then.Goal today a typical example of what he offers,instead of lumping it from defence get it wide and get crosses in he will nod em in.6

Subs,Parker;not generally one to criticise but I have more chance of starting at Anfield.Didn't but himself into challenges and it didn't go unnoticed,Simpson twice gave him a bollocking.Come on Josh put a challenge in lad.4

Scapuzzi;only on a few minutes but had a decent shot,feel he needs to toughen up a bit but he is a talent.6

Happy with a point overall,felt we were the better team but then they came real close second half,Lee nearly turning in his own goal and shot near the end just missed.Looking forward to Anfield now.KTF.

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Morais was utter :censored:e. Gave the ball away when not running down blind alleyways. Then did no defensive work whatsoever. We brought on Parker as he is better defensively and to stop Black being so isolated. Which was comical at times.


Did set up the goal, though.

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I think I'm finally settled on Morais as an impact sub.


He's a luxury and I don't think it's one we can afford 90 minutes a game with the other players we have in the team.

100% this /\


That's where I'm at with how to use Morais.

If he has the correct attitiude to being a "super-sub" and make the impacts he has made vs Charlton & Notts County, that's how I would use him from now until the end of the season (injuries etc allowing)

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