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Liverpool and Swansea - someone explain this to me

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This has been bugging me for a few weeks.


Liverpool and Swansea have a clause to prevent to prevent Brendan Rodgers from signing his old players, as described here:




then Liverpool sign Joe Allen from Swansea, and the latest articles says:


Although the new Liverpool manager has a written agreement with Swansea not to return to his former club to try to sign any of their players for the next 12 months, the Welsh club can waive that clause if a deal is deemed to be in the best interests of the club.


Clause or no clause, surely every offer that Swansea could accept from Liverpool would be deemed in the best interests of the club, or they wouldn't be accepting it. So what is the point of the clause?

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If, for example, Arsenal offered £5m and it was clear the player was going, if I was Swansea chairman I'd ring up Liverpool and say "he's available, make your bid".


If a bid for more than £5m came in it would be in Swansea's interest to accept it.

But if he's worth more than £5m in Liverpool's opinion, it would be in their interest to offer it anyway. I do see where Phil is coming from.
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Perhaps its more of a gentlemans agreement for Rodgers not to use his links and connections to unsettle players and try and get them on the cheap. If the negotiations were done without Rodgers being involved for example, or making sure he had no contact with the Swansea players or go on about them in the press.


Though my Scouse supporting mate reckons that the clause in Allen's contract did indeed have a £15m get out.


At the end of the day though, the agreement between Liverpool and Swansea only means something if its enforceable.

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Perhaps it prevents Rodgers exploiting certain release clauses, where Swansea would otherwise be bound to accept.


That's how I've taken it to read.

Rodgers would obviously have inside info on contract clauses and what vaulue the club place on certain players. I think the agreement, regardless of how flexible it appears, is just there to attempt to protect Swansea from having the piss took out of them in terms of Liverpool coming raiding with Rodger's info.


At the highest level, the transfer fees are again going mad - and I thought they might calm down with the fair player rule, but it appears not:


Eden Hazard for £30million

Joe Allen for £15million

Lucas Moura for £45million


Not one of them is over 20 years of age, have achieved anything of any real note that would usually add to the transfer fees and yet they're being sold & bought for unbelievable fees.


The game is heading for a fall.....

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