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League Table at 20th November


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Highlights: It’s tight at the top with only 3 points separating the top four, but JoeP clings on to top spot by virtue of predicting Baxter, despite going for a Latics defeat. Biggest climbers were rosa in the Premier League (up 4) and 4froale in the Championship (up 7). With four climbers, LaticsPete and boboafc have been pushed down 4 places. stevesidg & rosa were correct with 2-1, but rosa had Baxter as well. John Platt and 24hoursfromtulsehill went for 3-1, Scratch2000uk 4-1, whilst pk200 and mikebOAFC fancied 2-0. Close to the 3,078 attendance were Bristolatic 3,104 (26 out), 4froale 3,125 (47), Ex_pat 3,000 (78) and Stevie_J 3,001 (77).



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Surely my attendance prediction of 3122 is worth a mention (and an extra three points please :D)? In the interest of balance I think you've also given me 2 points for getting the right number of Latics goals rather than 1.


Oops. :dunce:

Correctamundo Mike. Thanks for spotting it. To save re-printing, photographing, uploading and posting again, I've altered my spreadsheet so that you now have 1 point for Latics goals, 6 points for attendance figures and a total of 29 points. It means you swop places with pk200 by virtue of predicting more correct results (W,L,D). I'll naturally use my amended version when I make a balls up, sorry produce, the next one after Shrewsbury.


*Sits back and awaits aggravation from 24hoursfromtulsehill*

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