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  1. Gazza Shane MacGowan Jimmy Greaves Sarah Harding Tom Parker (Singer) (C) Rolf Harris Sinead O'Connor Larry Holmes Bill Cosby Bobby Charlton Prince Phillip - 7th May
  2. Completely forgot last year so getting in early... Meatloaf Elton John Prince Phillip Bill Cosby Rolf Harris Sinead O'connor Aaron Carter (c) Jimmy Greaves Shane MacGowan Gazza Queen - 8th October (cheers Rosa!)
  3. Yeah, the article contradicts itself - states we sacked him for it then a couple of paragraphs later says we'd already sacked him and "were later informed...". Basically 2 completely unrelated facts, although it may have dissuaded him from appealing.
  4. Not much chance to consider this but let's go for: Kenny Sansom © Queen Gazza Bruce Forsyth Clive James Frankie Muniz Jimmy Greaves Ian Brady Shannen Doherty Prunella Scales Cliff - 3rd June EDIT: Forgot a captain and Cliff
  5. That's awful news mate - can't imagine how hard that's hit you, especially after your new start. Wish you all the best pal, keep fighting
  6. Not picked up a winner yet - shocking week so far. Horses to avoid tomorrow are 13.30 - Vautour 14.05 - Sybarite 14.40 - Ma Filleule 15.20 - Zarkandar 16.00 - Un Ace 16.40 - Champagne James
  7. Haha, that's a brilliant article. "rash, emotionally-charged" is a lovely way of saying he lost his head and dived in
  8. No idea of the sources for the Independent piece but that's some assault on Johnson's personality - digs at his strength of character and communication skills seem very harsh and personal
  9. Right, initial list for this year - may be subject to change Sam Simon (cheers pukka!!) - Captain Mohammed Ali Fidel Castro Pele Ian Brady Clive James BB King Bruce Forsyth Jimmy Hill George Bush Snr Spartacus - 30th June
  10. If the incident had stopped after the first retaliation then there's no issue - two alpha meatheads trying to intimidate each other and Hohaia must have known he couldn't throw an elbow without getting a slap in return. To then pin an unconscious bloke down and try to smash his eye socket in is a dick move and deserves jail time.
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