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Shot ratio - An interesting, encouraging stat

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Is that shots to shots on target or shots to goals?

It's from Mike Holden, a football betting expert on Twitter (one of the better ones)


"@miguel_MCFC I have rating system for goals, shots on target and shots off target. But yes, ratio of attacking points vs defensive points."

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7th in terms of shots, 15th in terms of shots on target, goes down hill.

It's all very encouraging, especially when you look back at Dickov's last full season.


We're miles ahead of where we were already. We just need to put it in the net more often.


Damning statistics for Rooney.

I know the missed shots aren't necessarily his but it illustrates we're creating regularly and a decent striker should be filling his boots.

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Corners - third http://www.footcharts.co.uk/index.cfm?task=basics_corners

Our big problem http://www.footcharts.co.uk/index.cfm?task=basics_goals

We are the team that couldn't shoot straight

If you look at the goals conceded on the 2nd one of those, I find it more useful to note that the teams who are up there have usually conceded the least number of goals. For example, we've actually got a better scoring record than Walsall, who are 7th but they've got a mean defence.


To paraphrase a great American Football saying; "Attacks win you games but defences win you promotion".

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We must be top of the league for winning the passing surely?

And for having the biggest number of players who are a class above/too good for this league?

We weren't even winning the passing, corners, shot ratios or anything under Dickov. We're progressing. Which is a good thing, isn't it?

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