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League Tables at 25th January


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Where The Subscription League Points Went:

Correct result W,L,D – DavidCollinge, Ex_pat, stevesidg, LaticsPete, JoshOWTB, RobOAFC

Correct Half Time Score – Not surprised that no one got this

Correct Full Time Score – And even less surprised no one had this, but look below*

Correct No of Latics GoalsRobOAFC

Correct No of Opposition Goals – Stevie_J - a little bit :thumbsdown: from a Latics point of view

First Latics Scorer – No one had Harkins

Within 100 of Attendance (3,571) – Craig D (-52)

Correct Attendance (3,571) – Still waiting


*RobOAFC predicted a 5-3 Latics win! How unlucky is that? DavidCollinge didn’t predict a half time score, but it didn’t matter


There were no predictions from Ackey, LaticsChris and wardlelatic.




Where The Free-to-Play League Points Went:


Correct result W,L,Dboboafc, John Platt, L1onheartNew, mikebOAFC, rudemedic

Correct Half Time Score – Unlikely, wasn’t it?

Correct Full Time Score – Nope but, again, look down there \/ *

Correct No of Latics GoalsL1onheartNew :OASISscarf:

Correct No of Opposition Goals – No points here

First Latics Scorerboboafc, opinions4u

Within 100 of Attendance (3,571)rudemedic (-15) :applause1: , mikebOAFC (+41), John Platt (-47), spadam (+49)

Correct Attendance (3,571) – Not yet


* L1onheartNew went for a 5-2 win, which was pretty close and he also went for 3-0 at half time. Wrong way round though.


Not many points around again this week, but who would have thought 0-3 at half time and 5-4 at the end?



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