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  1. Yep, where the the most overrated centre forward ever thought he had won it for them. Then the last ten mins and Bull were owned by Marshy.
  2. Eoin Doyle missed a sitter for Bolton yesterday in case anyone is interested
  3. Ha! Apologies Frank and Neil! Having consumed more alcohol than usual prior to and during the game, i couldnt think of any other way to get my point accross. I see my Whatmore and Worthington and at futher risk of non-resurrection, raise an Ian Greaves.
  4. It stems from 54 years of supporting Latics. Traddition innit. Also in my defence, i did say deservedly lost and told Bolton to fuck off as well. Fortunately, they did lol I am a Geelong supporter next week. Not for (wait for it), the little master or danger (sic), but just so that the likes of Lynch and Cotchin, neither of whom should have played against Port, do not get their grubby hands on the trophy. Head well and truly pulled in...
  5. Gotta say, that was the worst Bolton side that I have seen in years. Whatmore and Worthington would be turning in their graves
  6. Makes up for the Lions semi loss. Best I have seen us play in 18 months. Well deserved.
  7. Unlucky Connor Mac with his poster. Should have had a hat trick
  8. Garrity looks a different player. Looks to have been told to get forward. In addition to his goal, he has popped up in the 6 yard box on a few occasions
  9. They are still worse than us. Garrity and Hamer much better. Rowe is skillful in creating space without over doing it. The new guys have done OK Great save fron Bilboe prior to their goal. Whelan off the pace. They are still worse than us. Look scared.
  10. This could be high scoring. Both defences are terrible. Should be 3-2 to us.
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