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  1. At the start it was nothing short of automatic for me. As it is every year. None of this 18th rubbish. I care Kasunga. I will care again next year. Go Lions
  2. Boosed as in boo hiss, or boosed as in "I need to drink myself into oblivion to forget this entire season ever happened"
  3. Good job those are separate quotes. Concatenate ye not.
  4. Crawley will beat them next week. Hopefully, Morecambe hammer Bratfud.
  5. Given the state of the pitch, some are clearly making real ones
  6. I take it you didnt get your chocks away that night then Dave...
  7. Arched his back a lot and ran himself in circles. Actually, he did arch his back quite often. Usually to duck under the ball. Someone must have pushed him when he scored with the header in the play off semi.
  8. Spare a thought for Grimsby. All of their players wont be here next season...
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