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  1. Why, oh why did you start this LS2? Even in lockdown, life cannot be that boring... YES from me.
  2. What is it with i-follow and that ridiculous close range and even worse focus? It is the only ground that has this issue. It cannot be too difficult to raise the gantry and add a wide angle focus lens.
  3. James is killing us. Clarke dreadful. I-follow dreadful. Roy dreadful.
  4. Fair point. Be gone sir Teflon Man. Arise maester ball magnet.
  5. Yes. He passed on the message "hit the feckin thing" to Bamboozler
  6. I have critiscised DKD severely in the past, but I have had a think about this over the last few days. Was it that he gave the ball away or that the players on the receiving end were just not on the same wavelength? His control has always been good and his finishing quality already proven in pre-season. Maybe DKD is a quick learner and Kewell's overall plan is finally starting to filter through to the others? Still, player of the month is well deserved. Bigly.
  7. Straight out of the Rick Holden compendium. Absolutely brilliant. He is like the Graphic Artist of goalscorers. Pick something that already exists, tweak it and shake it about by more than 30% and it is improved exponentially.
  8. I am even more convinced that Baha is a pseudonym after that goal. Special mention to Whelan for passing on Harry's "hit the fucking thing" message when he came on.
  9. If Blackwood played for that, he can fuck off and should not play for us again
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