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League Tables at 21st February


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Well, this is easy. Thanks to another superb Latics performance against a League 1 struggler, not many people scored points. So it only needs a summary this time.


In the Subscription League, only laticdickovarmy and Stevie_J predicted a defeat. No one managed to predict the correct half time* or full time scores. laticdickovarmy and warwickshire latics were correct in believing we wouldn’t score. astottie (+100, lucky bugger) and JoeP (+21) picked up attendance points.

*Craig D predicted a 2-0 win, but losing 2-0 at half time, so he misses out on 2 half time points, and I quote: ”Nor can players predict a half-time score which does not align with the full time score (e.g. Latics to be 1-0 up at half-time and Latics to lose 1-0). Each full prediction should be fully-formed and be a possible outcome of the match. Any predictions submitted which are contrary to this rule will be discounted.”




No points were scored at all in the Free-to-Play League, so it's a repeat of last week's table.



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Most people's understanding of "within 100 of the attendance" is +/- 99. 100 is one out and should attract nil points.


As for the amateurs...the less said the better. No points out of all 14 of yous? :censored:'s sake.

my understanding of within has always been that it is inclusive. Inside 100 would start at 99. :grin:

3 points!! (but lucky bugger nonetheless)

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