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  1. Yes I would agree. My fear is they are being released because the clubs don't have the money now to meet their demands. Quite a few are reported as having turned down offers from their current club. We of course would be in the same boat. Interesting to see how many of the released players get picked up.
  2. Thanks for organising it gents much appreciated. Gutted to slip out of the top 5 at the last knockings.
  3. As he's talking about going home with his family I would imagine he's already got a club lined up.
  4. He seemed to have put weight on when I saw him playing at Bury.
  5. Ripley bench at PNE who brought a loan keeper in above him. Coleman on the bench at Fleetwood.
  6. I thought the wonder goal was Adam Griffin but it might be me getting confused. Alan Buckley sacked the day after.
  7. Yep Whitehall is a reasonable footballer apparently and they played up front together for the university team
  8. that was bloody awful and its doing my cup chances no good.
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