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  1. Sorry. Responding to your unedited post. 10k still seems excessive!
  2. Last week i said i hoped Carlisle finished second. Maybe i should have said second bottom.
  3. He'll be fighting Garrity and Rowe for the holding midfielder role then.
  4. commentator just said hes had a super game....
  5. I thought hed only just got off the boat to Ireland
  6. I got an email to say you can still get a programme from the club shop. Posting them out seems a step too far.
  7. 'The Italian who has relocated from Venice ' Must have been told we have a network of canals as well.
  8. Agreed. Another thing i took from the game. We were out of posession and defending for the vast majority of the second half. Carlisle didnt score. In previous seasons after 2 minutes under pressure we were likely to concede. Ok Carlisle missed chances and were generally hopeless but we kept them out. Might be a one off. Fingers crossed.
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