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  1. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/teams/YouthTeam/defender/trey-turner/ Not sure if this helps.
  2. And they have just signed Otis Khan as a free agent whose career has stalled after an impressive spell with Yeovil.
  3. That post came just as I was eating a slice of Victoria sponge. Have you got cameras out there Eyresie?
  4. Can you get Ed to do a pre match gig? On second thoughts.....
  5. By the time ITV get on to the draw we'll be in the second round. Get on with it!
  6. Saw him play for them on Saturday. Looked quite tidy without standing out. They kept a clean sheet which was mainly down to the keeper.
  7. Agreed. I watch him and think he's dong fine and then the accident that is always waiting to happen, happens
  8. And that is where we need to recruit tonight.
  9. If he'd signed in July wed have been wetting ourselves. His demands might be lower now.
  10. So if Pidge and Dearnley are starters tonight surely that scuppers any likelihood of a transfer for either of them.
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