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  1. I liked that he celebrated our first goal really enthusiastically. And he was the first (only?) player to go over to Sutton after his og. Team player. Like it! Think he played quite well (although I wasn’t paying a huge amount of attention).
  2. My mind is blown that this is where the Trust feels action is needed
  3. Was feeling quite positive about him but it seems like he’s now got his mate ‘defending’ him on twitter saying to give him a chance (like we haven’t) and to aim our anger higher (like we have done). *alarm bells*
  4. I really haven’t seen any flack on Twitter (although I have blocked a large proportion of our gobshites). What I have seen is people passionately trying to get him to see why we’re so disheartened with things at this time.
  5. This is the thing. You’ve got the realistic dickheads going on about Corney, etc. You can’t change the past. You can make changes in the present. Changes that, if made by the owners now, could make a positive difference. But they won’t because they’d rather plough on as they are and hammer in the final nail. It’s not too late yet. But it will be very soon. They are undoubtedly killing us.
  6. I work in the NHS and manage my clinical team’s budget. In the last 5 years, our Trust has had to make 10s of millions of savings due to funding cuts. Our team budget has been halved in that time, going from 5 clinicians down to 2 and an unqualified assistant. Access to support from corporate services has also been much reduced due to cuts (IT, HR, recruitment, etc). So we’re being asked to do much much more on much much less. And this has been the experience of everyone I know who works in the NHS. The government / people are always banging on about the NHS having money thrown at it. I call bullshit. Where’s it going?
  7. Fuck me, I forgot he existed! Seems to be doing an epic job!
  8. He had a clean slate when he came for me. I liked the videos and the scarves. Then I defended him when @lookersstandandywas pressing him for a plan - after all, he was new, and just because there was no detailed plan didn’t mean there wasn’t / wouldn’t be one. Then I defended him for binning off Gerrard and Byrne, who seemed to be divisive gobshites. Then the weird decisions started creeping in more and I stopped defending him. I even felt sorry for him at the Cricket Club forum, as he clearly had no idea of how angry people were. I thought that might be a lightbulb moment and that things might change. And it’s just continued in the same vein. Weird decision after weird decision on and off the pitch. And now I have no hope things will change. Him and his cronies don’t seem reflective, intelligent or respectful enough to change.
  9. Not sure about elsewhere, but in Oldham, you’re not supposed to mix with anyone from other households anywhere, inside or out. So you shouldn’t be meeting your 5 mates unless you live with them. And if you do go to a pub and ‘happen to run into’ (chortle - seen this trotted out a lot) those 5 mates, you should stay 2m away from them. Same with your your second set of mates.
  10. Personally, I’m not knocking any local business that tries something different to keep going at this time. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, but credit due for adapting. Re the OEC, this isn’t the only thing they are trying. There’s been afternoon teas, bbq packs, date night shiz...
  11. It doesn’t ‘do’ anything so I’d imagine overheads are incredibly low!
  12. We made it to the final! We HAVE to beat MPs. 23 hours ish to get our hands on a cup! Please vote and share with everyone you know!
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