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League Tables at 24th November


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Where The Subscription League Points Went:

Correct result W,L,Dastottie, Carl Waters, HarryBosch, NewBlue, rudemedic, stevesidg, Stevie_J

Correct Half Time Score – Even those who thought we’d be losing didn’t expect 0-2

Correct Full Time Score – And certainly 2-5 wasn’t considered

Correct No of Latics Goals – aidan_latics, Bristolatic, LaticsPete, underdog, warwickshire latics

Correct No of Opposition Goals – Er, Nah

First Latics Scorer – Ex_pat, HarryBosch, lookersstandandy

Within 100 of Attendance (3,301)astottie (-79), Bristolatic (-83), JoeP (+82), laticdickovarmy (+80), lookersstandandy (+42), NewBlue (+27)

Within 10 of Attendance (3,301) – Nope

Correct Attendance (3,301) – Ditto


No one picked up points in more than 2 categories. disjointed holds on to top spot, whilst lookersstandandy nips up 5 places, with 24hoursfromtulsehill dropping three.

There were no predictions from Andy-latic, JoshOWTB, Kusunga-Is-God, LaticsChris & Zorrro




Where The Free-to-Play League Points Went:

Correct result W,L,DHometownclub

Correct Half Time Score Hometownclub

Correct Full Time Score – No one was expecting that

Correct No of Latics Goals – maddog, John Platt

Correct No of Opposition Goals – Five? 5? Don’t be ridiculous

First Latics ScorerJohn Platt

Within 100 of Attendance (3,301) – opinions4u (-79), steveoafc (+12)

Within 10 of Attendance (3,301) – No one else near, but a decent effort from steveoafc

Correct Attendance (3,301) – And certainly not here


josh_latics came back for another go, but failed to score. John Platt and maddog swap places again, but there was no other movement.

steveoafc stays at the top with just a 1 point lead.


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