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I was having a mooch about looking for old pictures and footage of Latics for my Prediction League thread and found the following site......




....which has some cracking pics of many grounds/matchdays from the late 80's to early 90's, many of which invoke strong memories of following Latics back then.


I miss the character of the old stadia, even if the facilities were diabolical at times.


Anyway, there are few in there of BP, which looking at the stage of development, I would date from 1991-92, our first back in the 1st division. No idea what game(s) mind.


I wonder if anyone recognises themselves? Happy browsing.
















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Quality - found myself and a friend Rich Cowell in the bottom of one corner of the photos, walking down the bottom of Sheepfoot Ln seemingly away from the ground as we go round to our mate Nick Stonier's house on Boundary Park Rd. His mum used to get us a couple of cans in before the game, happy memories!! Got be early 90's looking at our haircuts!

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4 hours ago, lookersstandandy said:

No it's not. It's been massively skewed by the person not doing the research properly and listing our capacity almost 10,000 less than it was in our Premium days. Actually it was 3,000 less than the true capacity at the time of the article 


Swindon's ground, and it's uncovered terrace (PL days) should have it below us. Bournemouth's capacity should have it below us. I'm sure there are a few others as well who we would arguably be above.

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