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Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin etc.....


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Anyone into this? 


I went balls deep with a £100 worth of LiteCoin last week. 


It seems to be a huge minefield so I thought a thread on here might be useful for sharing info.


If anyone gets started and doesn't already have a Coinbase account let me know and we can both get $10 of Bitcoin via a referral. 


Maybe some of us can strike it rich and buy Abdallah out in a few years.....  :grin:


This seems pretty good. 



Good daily discussion thread on reddit aswell




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Been invested quite a while. I was buying Bitcoin back in 2013 when it was around £120 per coin but traded them as I didn’t really think it had a long term future.


At the moment I usually switch between Ripple and a number of other different Crypto, although I’m probably going to settle my investments and stop trading, because Bitcoins latest surge from $8,000 to $17000k lost me a fair chunk. <_<

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