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Latics 2020 horoscope

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I believe the name of Oldham Athletic was formed in July 1899, so here's a light hearted look at the clubs horoscope for 2020,  Can't wait for next December - we must be going up .😁

Cancer 2020 Months:
What's in store for Cancer?:
Astrology rating:
January 2020
Major changes are in store.
Stand up for yourself.
March 2020
Hang on in there.
Put yourself first.
Anger is taking over!
You'll find the solutions to your problems.
Take it easy.
The sun is shining down on you.
Drama time in your love life!
Don't let the pressure get to you. ⭐⭐
Do your best to avoid trouble. ⭐⭐
Success is on its way! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Horoscopes are used by editors to see what their most junior reporters can do in terms of creative writing. 


The only way we are going to have success on its way is if the current owner sells up. Or he realises how incompetent his brother and Shitpeas are and shows them the door. 


We should stay up this season, but next season with it reverting back to 2 relegation spots and a bad side going, will be another story. 

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