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Extranal Hard Drive's Dead


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I recently bought an external HD for all my random bits, including a load of Vids, and pics of my kids when they were babies!


Problem is, this device is :censored:


It broke, and now i have lost a shed load of stuff that i really needed, and i went to Comet to tell them and they basically couldnt give a toss, neither could the manufacturer!


They even had the cheek to charge £20 to phone their technical help!


I have now been told i need to get someone to do "Data Recovery!" All i know is it cost a :censored: load of money to do!


Does anyone know how i can go about this without it costing me a small fortune?

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How the hell has it managed to get broke in a month?!


You need equipment that you probably haven't got to do the job correctly, however...


Is the HDD connected via USB? Unplug, power off - plug the drive in another USB port or ports (mine uses two) and power on again.


Secondly - and this will invalidate your warranty! - take it apart, attach an IDE cable to the drive and power on your PC. You can get a cable for a 3.5" drive from PC World or wherever for about a fiver.


Bingo. All your stuff will be there - I'd advise you to install this "naked" drive into a free bay in your PC at the earliest opportunity.

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Sorry about the delay in getting back, you may have to manipulate the jumpers on the drive, or your OS will not recognise it - it must be a slave drive.


The other instructions were not very clear to the novice - try these - saves me from typing them out...


>>>> IDE <<<<

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