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Referee : Keith Hill


Opposition: Burnley


Competition : League Cup


Venue : Turf Moor


Match result: L



Optional Post Template:


1. Referee Consistency :


2. Match Control :


3. Decision Making :


4. Positioning/ Fitness :


5. Any Other Comments :

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Didn't think the game required much handling really, although his booking of Trotman was nothing short of a joke!! Ok, he'd just come on and mad 3 quick fouls - surely just a word regarding his enthusiasm would have been enough.

Though the liner nearest us on the opposite side 1st half was a bit of a clown. Overall, ref did ok i thought and for once not a prat!

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Thought he did well too. On top of the game, and let it run. Didn't get any major decisions wrong.


As for the lino. The one where Davies went through and (hopefully purposefully) missed looked very onside. But I'll say what I always say in the scenario where you are looking headon. He had a much better view.

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