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Match Reports


Diego's match reporting skills.....  

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  1. 1. After reading his effort in the Shez Hopes Performance thread, should Diego be given a full time match reporters job at....

    • On here, the ever faithful OWTB
    • The Fishal Site
    • The Rarely Whronicle
    • Soccer a.m.

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I thought it was an edit and paste of the Chron's?


Of course - I made it clear that that's what is was! I take it as an insult for BlueJazzer to think it was my match report, but I'm not offering to do reports in future - I haven't got time - I'm keeping enough plates juggled in the air at the moment already!! :grin:

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Guest oa_exile
I do a good vocal impression of Harold Wilson. Who's he I hear our younger members ask!


Just so no one is confused which is which :unsure:


DiegoK0Q072CAKFXPGUCA3S437ACAY2W9ICCAGA6.jpgav-50.jpg Harold

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