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  1. Both myself and our Finance Director have emailed you
  2. Cheers All 25 have now been contacted/reached out to us. Don't know if Bozman was in this list - if he was then great but if not please contact us as we really don't have any more names or details on our list as everybody on our list has been contacted.
  3. Hi, Can you DM me your surname so that I can double check that we have your details on file? Only 25 people renewed of which we have emails/phone numbers for, or I have in my files which I sent over to the Commercial Department, so if they've not got in touch then it may simply be a clerical error. I'm staying till 8 tonight so I'd be more than happy to contact you myself - I just need to know who you are to do so! Thanks
  4. Commercial Department contacted everyone that had paid for 100 Club Membership updating them and all 100 club members from last season were also contacted. I can't speak for the Commercial Department in terms of the person reaching out for them and them not getting in touch. So I did the next best thing and contacted him myself The club issued a statement that 100 Club wouldn't be available next season, our Head of Commercial has been more than proactive dealing with enquiries regarding the 100 Club, and we held an out of office meeting of which last years 100 Club members were invited to so that we could sit down with them and keep them updated. Regarding the "cosy little kit launch" - don't know what you're on about and if you're referring to the Hummel anniversary kit meeting, this was chosen at random from the emails we got. Pat's direct number - 0161 785 5160 Thanks
  5. Hi, if you email supporter.services@oldhamathletic.co.uk, I will look into this for you and clarify the situation via email. Alternatively you can call us on 0161 785 5150, we are usually pretty fast with answering the phones. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Billy Ticket Office Manager
  6. All I can say is keep checking the website etc, sorry Wish I could say more. All I will say is wait for the facts and info instead of reading into cryptic tweets and comments (not that you are!)
  7. First point is just an access control issue that I’ll amend tomorrow morning
  8. I only know because my Dad's from that part of the country and he was gutted when they went down 😂
  9. Already done! Only £223 each though unfortunately, was expecting more
  10. Back in today, was meant to be in yesterday but my flight back was delayed 8 hours 😂 I've been informed that ST's will be available in the NS and ST's purchased in the NS will be honoured regardless of anything relating to an agreement
  11. No, the price is £330.00 now and will increase to £360.00 next Sat That’s including half season tickets too
  12. New card as last years have the old sponsors on them The new cards will be ready to collect Monday morning. Full details will be on the website on Friday
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