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  1. Hi, I’m the Ticket Office Manager at Oldham and you’re fully entitled to a refund. If you want to discuss the reasons for the price increases then I’d be more than happy to over the phone or via email. Thanks
  2. Contact us on 0161 785 5150 or at supporter.services@oldhamathletic.co.uk
  3. Lang just for Fulham! Think if he'd been played up front for the entire season he'd have scored a lot more too. Still can't believe we only tried him and Surridge up front together once
  4. The way I look at it, would you pay £75 more for the following: - priority on away games, entitled to 4 tickets per 100 club card (compared to 2 for normal season ticket holders) - exclusive gift (worth £45) - £10 off any hospitality - monthly prize draws (yes you are in with maybe a 1/100 chance of winning... but on some of them even if you win you’ve made money back) - Club Shop offers exclusive to 100 club members only Some of them have tangible value, some don’t. Even the ones with intangible value might have worth to some people, for example the first 30 to purchase getting a Q&A session plus dinner with the manager. We’ve added them and taken away parking. Is the above worth £75? I’d say so, but it’s just all down to opinion and circumstance. Unfortunately we aren’t able to please everyone
  5. I did yes but you clearly have complaints about the offer so surely the best thing to do is contact the club about it?
  6. Thank-you You're best of putting all this into an email to either myself at supporter.services@oldhamathletic.co.uk or Ashleigh at ashleigh.poxon@oldhamathletic.co.uk (or us both) and we'll see what we can do and if we can somehow accommodate you. Dealing with it over a fans forum isn't exactly the best way to be going about things for either myself or you With regard to the discount on travel and club shop, this was always going to be offered on standard Season Tickets, it would be unfair if we only offered it on standard Season Tickets and didn't offer it to 100 Club members who are paying over double the price. It's still an extra as it's included in the price and something you didn't get last year... This is something else that is best discussed via email
  7. That's fair enough Ashleigh did send an email out regarding the price increase for feedback on it and she did say if anyone wanted to discuss it with her prior to the Swindon (I think?) game that she was all ears to feedback. The phrase "after feedback from supporters" was used in the website article, not in an email. And it wasn't just feedback from 100 Club members, but supporters in general. We wanted to add value to it, make sure that we were at least breaking even on the package and its cost (we wasn't in the past), whilst ensuring that supporters weren't miffed off at any substantial price increase. We feel that the package we've put together has done all this and so far the feedback has been positive. I wasn't dismissing the words, I was simply implying that myself and Ashleigh won't be like that. I'm not going to stick my reputation and integrity on the line putting together a package that we won't be able to adhere to. Everything that's in the package will be offered and done
  8. This might be due to Boardroom guests/box holders and their guests etc. Not sure... I'll bring it up with Ashleigh and see what she says
  9. To be fair I don't think we ever explicitly said anywhere that it would be the same price. In fact I think Ashleigh (our Commercial Assistant) sent an email out to current 100 Club members saying that the price might increase.. in the end we decided to keep the price the same but take Car Parking away as not many current 100 Club members use/need/want it, so we just took it off and added it as an extra at an additional (discounted) cost. The spare Car Parking places that 100 Club members got that weren't ever used by them can now be sold to normal supporters that want them next season. Key words here
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